Review: Fireworks CS4

Adobe Fireworks CS4 includes new features and enhancements that make this a significant upgrade. The new interface is makes it easier to use most tools and controls as well as switch among various Creative Suite products.

First Look: Fireworks CS4 beta

The beta of Adobe’s vector and bitmap graphics editor adopts the same interface as other Creative Suite apps while introducing new features such as Smart Guides and the same text engine used by Photoshop and Illustrator. Cyndy Cashman tells you what else has changed with the Fireworks CS4 beta.

Fireworks CS3

The new Pages panel, improved integration with other Adobe CS3 products, and the addition of intelligent scaling are reasons enough to upgrade to Fireworks CS3. The ability to create slide shows, create custom colors, and use Photoshop effects are just icing on the cake.

First Look: Creative Suite preview: Fireworks CS3

Adobe says the driving concept behind Fireworks CS3 is improving workflow from concept to finished product. In this first look at the new version of Fireworks, Cyndy Cashman looks at what this means in terms of features.