Nokia sues Apple over patent infringements

Nokia alleges that Apple infringed the cell phone maker's patents on GSM, UMTS and other wireless standards.

Board of directors shuffle continues between Apple, Google

Arthur Levinson, who had served on the boards for both Apple and Google, resigned from the latter while retaining his seat with the former. The move comes amid government scrutiny about the close relationship between Google and Apple.

iPhone 'undisputed' leader in customer satisfaction, study reports

The CFI Group's survey of customer satisfaction among smartphone owners finds the iPhone topping out Android, the Palm Pre, and the BlackBerry.

Buy a used Mac (without getting burned)

Putting off the purchase of a new Mac because your budget is tight? It might be time to consider buying used. Here's how to make a deal you won't regret.

Gmail, Google Docs, more finally lose 'beta' tag

Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, and Google Calendar all finally drop their "beta" tags as Google makes a play to become more attractive to enterprise customers.

Delicious Library 2.1 rolls out bug fixes, feature improvements

Delicious Library 2.1 brings with it a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements, as well as a Korean-language localization.

Japanese university to track attendance with iPhone

Aoyama Gakuin University plans to distribute the iPhone 3G to students in order to track class attendance.

New Yorker cover drawn entirely on an iPhone

Artist Jorge Colombo used the iPhone app Brushes to create this week's New Yorker magazine cover.

ACDSee Pro beta finally launched for Mac

This week, ACD Systems launched a beta of its ACDSee Pro photography application for the Mac.

Easter eggs can bypass App Store approval

Lyrics developer Jelle Prins points out that sneaking hidden features into iPhone applications is easy, and Apple has no way of finding them.

Stanford iPhone class hit 1 million downloads

Stanford University's iPhone Application Programming course began April 1, and it's already racked up 1 million downloads on iTunes U.

Face Fun for iPhone lets you remix faces

A new iPhone application, Face Fun, lets you isolate faces from your photo library and apply fun effects to them.

Undercover software used to locate MacBook in Norway

Three months after his MacBook was stolen, a 23 year-old Norwegian man recovered the laptop with the help of the police and Orbicule's Undercover software.

Sony CEO says company woulda, coulda, shoulda beaten Apple

In an interview Sony CEO Howard Stringer says that the technology giant had and lost its chance to beat Apple in digital music.

Missouri journalism students required to buy iPhone or iPod touch?

Calling Apple's handheld hardware a "requirement" helps Missouri journalism students get financial aid for the purchase.