Macworld Podcast #32: Maximum mini

The Macworld Podcast returns to the world of Macs this week, delving into the new Intel-based Mac minis

Create a video podcast

With a digital video camera and Apple’s iMovie HD, anyone with the inclination and the creativity can become a movie producer. But making the movies is only half the battle—you also have to find an audience. How? Create a video Podcast.

Man and machine

At the O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference, Cyrus Farivar sits on a session about the relationship between human and computer intelligence.

Macworld Podcast #31: Emerging technology

The Macworld Podcast heads south toward the future this week. More specifically, I’m in San Diego for the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2006, an annual event focusing on high-tech trends.

Touched by an interface

Attending the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Cyrus Farivar has seen the future of interfaces. And it involves touch-screens.

Meet your Maker

There’s more than one tool for doing most jobs on the Mac. But when it comes to podcast publishing, Podcast Maker may be the only tool you need.

Macworld Podcast #30: Intel Mac minis, iPod Hi-Fi

Apple took the wraps off the “fun new products” it promised a week ago, unveiling the first Intel-based Mac Mini as well as the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. We were on hand for live coverage of Jobs’ presentation, and we’ve got highlights of the event in this special edition of the Macworld Podcast.

Macworld Podcast #29: Examining Leap-A

Macworld Sr. Editor Rob Griffiths spent a tremendous amount of time last week getting to the bottom of the Leap-A malware; Hear him talk about what Mac users should know about this malware, how to protect themselves from getting it, and what to do if they’ve inadvertently installed it.

Tastes like Chicken

Chicken of the VNC helped Cyrus Farivar’s dreams of a Mac-based home media center and server come true.

Cast Easy does it

Cast Easy lives up to its slogan of taking the repetitive burden out of publishing podcasts.

Macworld Podcast #26: Intel iMac tests

The Intel iMacs are finally here! We've been testing them for about a week now in our Macworld lab, and we've got our Lab Director James Galbraith to tell you all about it.

Macworld Live! with David Pogue

This is a live recording of the Macworld Live! with David Pogue session, recorded during Macworld Conference & Expo.

Rosetta Stone 3.0

Rosetta Stone 3.0 provides an easy and well-organized way to learn a language using your Mac. If you’re willing to really dig in and spend time learning a foreign language, Rosetta Stone can provide a strong foundation.

Macworld Podcast #25: GarageBand 3 test drive

We’re conducting a little experiment in this special—and brief—edition of the Macworld Podcast, testing the podcasting features in the new GarageBand 3 update.

First Look: First Look: GarageBand 3

Podcasting takes center stage in the latest version of GarageBand, with Apple adding features aimed at simplifying how you record, edit, and post podcasts. Does GarageBand 3 deliver? We had Cyrus Farivar, host of Macworld’s podcast, take the new features out for a test drive.