Apple revises 'wet iPhone' policy

Ruined your iPhone by getting it wet? Now you can get a replacement for $199, without a new contract.

Apple job posting hints at 3G-capable MacBook

An Apple job posting suggests that a future model of MacBook may have some sort of 3G networking capability.

Warhol silkscreen of Apple logo up for auction

A silkscreen of the Apple logo created by the famous New York artist Andy Warhol is going up for auction at a Portland, Oregon gallery.

Town council to consider demolition of Jobs's mansion

The Apple CEO has been long lobbying to have the 84-year-old house, which he hasn't lived in since the early 1990s, demolished.

Salma Hayek's MobileMe account hacked

Celebrities are just people like the rest of us: they send e-mail, they have iPhones, and occasionally they find themselves at the mercy of ill-intentioned hackers.

Intego offers up dual-platform filtering solution

The new version of Intego's filtering software aims to help protect dual-boot Mac and Windows installations.

Woz interviewed about hackery, life

The Apple co-founder reveals a number of details that might surprise you, among them that his e-mail client of choice is Eudora.

U.S. military extensively using iPod touch

The U.S. military is making extensive use of the iPod touch in the field for tasks like translation, sharing data, and ballistics calculation.

Want a modded MacBook with a secondary LCD?

If you've ever though that the glowing Apple on the back of your MacBook just wasn't glowy enough, here's one potential way to take matters into your own hands.

PodBrix creator brings you a huggable Jobs

Tomi, creator of PodBrix, is now selling a plush doll of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. We kid you not.

NeoOffice 3.0 now available for download

The open-source OS X office suite, built on OpenOffice, has now reached version 3.0, bringing with it new features and enhancements.

Third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter available

A third-party vendor is now offering an HDCP-compliant Mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter for Apple's newest Macs.

Steve Wozniak joins DeepDyve, new search startup

The Apple co-founder has joined the advisory board of DeepDyve, a startup which intends to create a search engine for the "deep Web."

iPod scammer brought up on federal charges

Federal prosecutors are seeking more than $500,000 in assets from a man who scammed Apple out of thousands of iPods.

Google Labs adds undo to Gmail

Google is adding the ability to undo e-mail sent via Gmail—provided you click within five seconds.