iPhone being used as a pocket translator

A Washington state sheriff's deputy is using his iPhone to help interact with the Spanish-speaking community he serves.

Skype offers Mac users free Wi-Fi

For a limited time, Skype is giving away 10,000 minutes of Wi-Fi access to Mac users only.

Are iPhones causing mistrials nationwide?

Jury members around the country are apparently using the Internet on mobile phones while in court, leading to potential mistrials.

NPD: Mac sales fell 16 percent in February

Monthly data from the market-research firm suggests that Mac users are putting off purchases of new Apple hardware.

California legislator wants to censor Google Earth

If passed, the bill would enact fines and possible jail time on online services that did not blur out locations like schools and government buildings.

Life imitates art: Saturday Night Live predicted new iPod shuffle

In a 2005 sketch, Saturday Night Live featured a Steve Jobs impersonator introducing several fictional iPod models—one of which bears a surprising resemblance to the new shuffle.

Meet Mikogo: a new online collaboration tool

Mikogo is a new, free cross-platform collaboration application that lets far-flung colleagues work together.

Bay Area artist combines Apple gear with Greek gods

Artist Adam Reeder's sculpture series combines the ancient gods of Greece with the latest technology from Apple and elsewhere.

Cydia opens unauthorized iPhone app store

Cydia, the maker of a popular software installer for jailbroken iPhones, has announced plans to open an iPhone application store. And they're not alone.

Georgetown Apple Store design finally approved

The Washington D.C. neighborhood has finally approved Apple's storefront design on the company's fifth attempt.

Bill Clinton-signed iPod on the auction block

The 42nd President's music player is one among many celebrity-signed iPods up for auction, with the proceeds going to charity.

Unicom, China’s No. 2 mobile firm, in talks to sell iPhone

Chang Xiaobing, chairman of the second-largest mobile firm, says that his company is in talks with a number of handset providers, including Apple, according to Reuters.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 has new features, plenty of bug fixes

Mozilla has released the second beta version of its forthcoming Thunderbird 3 e-mail client, incorporating some new capabilities and a lot of bug fixes.

Livescribe releases Mac software version 1.0 for Pulse Smartpen

With the release of version 1.0 of its OS X software, the Livescribe Puulse Smartpen is now ready for Mac prime time.

Eminem's former publisher wants more money for digital downloads

The trial, which pits Universal Music against FBT Productions, could have an impact on what percentage artists make on digital music downloads.