Apple and Psystar agree on trade secret confidentiality

Though Psystar and Apple may not see eye-to-eye on everything, they've agreed to keep trade secrets confidential during the course of their trial.

Mac mini meets Apple Disk II drive

Retro is coming back all over the place, so it's little surprise that a modder combined a Mac mini with an Apple Disk II drive: it's 1978 meets 2005.

MacBook cases still cracking up

The long-standing problem with cracks appearing in the polycarbonate MacBook's top case has not diminished.

iPhone launches in Saudi Arabia, UAE

The iPhone went on sale in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates yesterday, and sold well despite the continued lack of support for Arabic language.

Windows Mobile 6.5 prototype phone stolen in Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress, a Telstra executive lost his top-secret handset loaded with Microsoft's latest mobile operating system.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer calls on Apple to be more open

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the Mobile World Congress that Apple should be more open. In other news, pot calls kettle black.

The Presidents of the United States of America offer iPhone app

A new iPhone applications allows users to stream all of the music by The Presidents of the United States of America, as well as exclusive tracks.

AT&T hopes to rollout 4G technology by 2011

On Monday, at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, AT&T announced that it hopes to be able to roll out 4G wireless technology starting in 2011.

Steve Jobs makes The New Yorker cover, sort of

Colombian artist Camilo Ramirez created this portrait of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as The New Yorker's iconic mascot, Eustace Tilley.

Nine-year-old boy writes popular iPhone app

Doodle Kids, created by a nine-year-old boy, has been downloaded more than 4,000 times in two weeks.

Apple to open retail locations in Italy, Canada

New store in Washington, DC goes up for fourth attempt with neighborhood board

Norway drops its legal complaints against Apple

Apple’s move to drop digital-rights management restrictions from the music at the iTunes Store has rendered moot Norway’s long-standing legal complaint against the company.

iPhone coming to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Apple has struck a deal with Emirates Telecommunications to provide service for the iPhone 3G in the two Middle Eastern countries.

Gmail Tasks now available in mobile flavor

Gmail's task management add-on has now been re-formatted for handheld devices such as the iPhone.

Net stats show Apple market share near 10 percent

Net Applications's monthly web statistics report shows Apple's market share is up for fourth consecutive month.