Apple Stores still busy with shoppers, but fewer are buying

The economy may be taking its toll on Apple's retail outlets, but Barron's notes that slower sales mark the entire electronics sector.

Adobe CEO says Flash on iPhone is a 'hard technical challenge'

Speaking with Bloomberg at Davos World Economic Forum, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen says 'The ball is in our court.'

Dell may be planning smartphone

Dell is reportedly considering bringing a smartphone into the market as early as this spring.

New York's TekServe 'Mac Museum' exhibit running this weekend

The venerable New York City Mac shop will display everything from the original 128k Mac to the first iPod.

25th anniversary of the Mac: Apple in the media archives

Apple's big in the press today, but it was also big news when it debuted 25 years ago. Here's some blast-in-the-past coverage from the New York Times, CBC, and yes, Playboy.

Getting public radio on your iPhone now a bit easier

Two new apps offer shows and live radio from public radio stations around the United States.

Podcaster finally makes it to App Store as RSS Player

Podcaster, an app that Apple rejected from the App Store, is now for sale under a new name: RSS Player.

MacHEADS documentary now available for download or rent

Miss your chance to see the Macintosh documentary at Expo? No worries, it's available for download and rental.

Obama administration frustrated by old White House PCs

Lack of Macs among other tech woes for new team

Apple App Store knockoff hits the Web

A developer has created a web-based version of the App Store that you can browse from any browser. How long will it take Cupertino to go after this one?

Microsoft's SkyBox is company's answer to MobileMe

Redmond will also announce related mobile products SkyLine and SkyMarket at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

SEC to review Apple's corporate statements

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Apple's statements about Steve Jobs's health to insure investors were not misled.

Apple offers refurbs in China online store

The Middle Kingdom joins the US, UK, and Japan in offering deals on refurbished Apple equipment.

Obamania hits iTunes

Here's how to rock your inauguration party with a little help from Apple and iTunes.

Toshiba wants Fujitsu's hard drive business

Toshiba is interested in acquiring Fujitsu's storage business, a deal that would create world's largest producer of laptop hard drives.