Apple removes GPS functionality from Egyptian iPhones

Cairo imposes strict rules on the use of navigational satellite technology

Google Earth releases browser plugin for OS X

Now you can fly around the world, Google Earth-style, without leaving the comfort of your browser.

App Store welcomes 10,000th iPhone application

Five months after it opened its doors, the App Store finally hits five digits.

Windows market share drops under 90 percent, according to Net stats

In related news, IE’s market share drops to under 70 percent for the first time in a decade.

Apple says users should install anti-virus software

While it's theoretically possible for Macs to get infected, the fact remains that Mac malware is extremely rare.

Analyst claims Apple to release netbook in 2009

Analyst Ezra Gottheil explains why he thinks Apple will release a netbook in 2009. And on a related note, we discover why pigs will fly.

HDCP annoyance on new MacBooks, MacBook Pros

Our pals over at Infinite Loop and Engadget are reporting that while Apple’s new laptops might have snazzy Mini DisplayPorts, some iTunes content is all sewn up in High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) ridiculousness—a new version of DRM for video that requires all devices in the chain of video transmission to be authorized to play back content.

StarOffice for Mac goes native

At some point, most of you have probably attempted to evade the Microsoft hegemony by rolling with some non-Redmond alternative, like OpenOffice, iWork, AbiWord or, if you're really hardcore, Nisus Writer.

Unlocking an iPhone

A step by step look at unlocking the iPhone's SIM card and making it available to other cell carriers' networks.

Berlitz Premier

While Berlitz Premier offers several different ways of learning a new language, none of them quite came together in a productive manner.

Macworld Podcast: Mac Pros and more

The Macworld Podcast hits the big 5-0, with another look at the new Mac Pro and a back-to-school extravaganza.

First Look: Photo gallery: Apple Mac Pro

The brand-new Mac Pro just arrived in the Macworld Lab. Here’s how they look right out of the box.

Macworld Podcast: WWDC Roundtable

Editorial Director Jason Snell and Senior News Editor Jonathan Seff headed south to Apple headquarters where they got a more in-depth look at Leopard. In this roundtable discussion we address Time Machine, Spaces, as well as the new Mac Pro.

Video highlights from WWDC 2006

In this special selection of video excerpts from the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2006, we present three selections from Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote address.

Macworld Podcast: Live from WWDC 2006

Today was a busy day for Apple, the opening day of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2006. Apple rolled out the Mac Pro -- the long-awaited PowerMac replacement, as well as Time Machine -- a new automated backup application that will come standard in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.