Alesis ProTrack Handheld Stereo Recorder for iPod

If you've got demanding needs for recording audio on the go, this iPod-compatible accessory is an attractive -- if complex -- option that will satisfy audiophiles.

FiRe Field Record and Blue FiRe for iPhone

We look at two audio capture apps -- along with some hardware options for boosting your sound quality -- and find that it's hard to go wrong with either version of FiRe as the basis for your pocket sound studio.

Contacts Journal for iPhone

This lightweight CRM app proves useful for anyone who needs help in keeping track of their communications and commitments.

Photo geotagging apps for iPhone

Geotagging -- adding data to a photo that reveals the location it was taken -- brings a new dimension to enjoying and sharing photography. Several apps let you start tagging your photos with GPS data. We'll help you find the one that's right for your needs.

Depth of field iPhone apps

A number of iPhone apps promise to help tame the sometimes complex calculations needed for success when attempting to control depth of field. We look at three, each focused on satisfying different types of photographers.

FileAid for iPhone

This free file manager and reader for the iPhone and iPod touch offers up some nice touches. But technical issues make it a chore to use.

Beats for iPhone

This app, which calculates beats-per-minute for songs, provides an easy-to-use and appealing solution that will be of use to DJs, musicians, producers, and people who are just curious about music.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for iPhone

A recent update has resolved most of the limitations of the original version of Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, making this an ideal solution for hosting and attending meetings from your mobile device.

TimeJot for iPhone

This $1 time-logger offers a unique time-based journal to help track the duration of activities, as well as capturing important-but-easily-forgotten events

SoundCurtain for iPhone

SoundCurtain distinguishes itself from other apps that banish distracting noise by using adaptive masking technology that analyzes surrounding sounds to better block them out.

LinkedIn for iPhone

LinkedIn for the iPhone has the potential for must-have status among business-oriented iPhone or iPod touch users. But gaps in functionality, combined with sometimes slow and unstable performance, leave that potential unrealized.

Darkness for iPhone

Bjango’s world clock app tells you what time it is around the world, but with features not available in the iPhone’s default clock offering.

inTouch Contacts for iPhone

inTouch Contacts offers a sophisticated way of bringing order to your contacts database. Unfortunately, a number of limitations and cumbersome features mark inTouch Contacts as merely an interesting first effort.

AutoCue for iPhone

If you’re often called on to give presentations, AutoCue—a mobile prompter for your iPhone or iPod touch—is an inexpensive and useful addition to your toolkit.

JetSet Expenses for iPhone

BriteMac’s app provides business travelers with a solid solution for tracking and reporting expenses.