Duet II and III speakers promise big sound from small footprint

JBL announced its Duet II and Duet III speaker systems which are both designed to provide a clear, powerful sound while maintaining a small footprint.

iLuv dual-dock alarm clock offers either port in a storm

The iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with Weather Brand Radio features docks for charging two devices at once, including any iPod with a dock connector and the iPhone 3G.

Expo: Kensington puts it all on the ball

Kensington’s $130 SlimBlade Trackball routes all control through trackball rotation.

OpenCL gets touted in Texas

Attendees at the SC08 high-performance computing conference in Austin got a progress report on OpenCL, the the Apple-spearheaded parallel computing API that figures to be a prominent new feature in the upcoming Snow Leopard update to OS X.