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Dan writes about OS X, iOS, utilities, cool apps, and troubleshooting. He also covers hardware; mobile, audio, and AV gear; input devices; and accessories. He's been writing about tech since 1994, and he's also published software, worked in IT, and worked as a policy analyst.

Airtoggle saves menu-bar space, toggles Wi-Fi from the keyboard

Airtoggle is a nifty utility that lets you toggle Wi-Fi from the keyboard and frees up some menu-bar space.

Promising Prospect: ReSpaceApp brings Spaces to Lion

ReSpaceApp is a new utility, currently in beta, that brings Spaces (Snow Leopard's implementation of virtual workspaces) to Lion's Mission Control.

Updated Marked improves document previewing

Marked is a great tool for previewing your web writing, whether in Markdown or HTML format. A big update adds new preview styles, change markers, syntax highlighting, Scrivener and Leanpub project support, and more.

Read Later brings offline Instapaper and ReadItLater reading to the Mac

If you use Instapaper or ReadItLater to save articles for later reading, Read Later betters your Web browser for reading on your Mac. And it lets you read saved articles when offline.

For reading, the new iPad's screen is underrated

For some people, the third-generation iPad isn't a compelling upgrade over the iPad 2. Senior editor Dan Frakes says that if you use your iPad for reading, it's a no-brainer.

The iPad's charging challenge, redux


Your iPad doesn't charge during use? It doesn't seem to charge via some USB ports? Its battery charges more slowly than expected? We've updated our primer on iPad power with information about charging Apple's latest tablet.

AccessMenuBarApps lets you see hidden menu-bar icons

If you've got too many menu-bar apps and menu extras, they can get crowded out by application menus. AccessMenuBarApps gives you a number of options for quickly revealing those icons.

Which accessories work with the new iPad?

Whether the new iPad is your first or you're upgrading from an older model, you're probably wondering whether existing accessories--those originally designed for the iPad 2--work with the new model. We've spent much of the day testing the new iPad with accessories originally made for the iPad 2, and here's the scoop on what works and what doesn't.

Accessorize your new iPad

Looking for accessory recommendations for your new iPad? We've got a quick buying guide to the most-useful iPad add-ons.

Hands On with Apple TV Software Update 5.0

On Wednesday, Apple introduced a new version of its Apple TV media player, but the company also brought all of that model's software improvements to its predecessor, via Apple TV Software Update 5.0. Here's a look at what the new software brings to both the second- and third-generation Apple TV.

Be more productive with LaunchBar, Part 1

We love launcher utilities, which let you find and open files, folders, applications, and more using the keyboard. But what's the advantage over just using Spotlight? Senior editor Dan Frakes shows you some tips for using his favorite launcher, LaunchBar, to be more productive.

Wigglehop for iPhone and iPad

If you're a frequent moviegoer, and especially if you regularly go to the movies with family or friends, Wigglehop is a standout app that makes it easy to plan your next cinematic excursion. And it's even easier to share that plan with others.

Scrawl lets you store text notes and sync them between your Macs

Scrawl is a simple menu-bar utility for storing basic text notes, and it uses iCloud to keep those notes in sync between your Macs.

Cook, Apple's success take center stage at annual shareholder meeting

At Apple's annual shareholder meeting, the focus was again on CEO Tim Cook, who addressed the company's fortunes (and fortune), with some corporate-governance changes thrown in for good measure.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Mail

When Apple released Lion (OS X 10.7), Mail received its biggest overhaul ever, gaining many new and noteworthy features. The changes to Mail in Mountain Lion are more subtle, though there are some nice improvements, along with one significant omission.