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PandaBar is a nifty Pandora client for Mac

PandaBar is a nifty menu-bar player for the Pandora streaming-music service.

Speakers buying guide


Looking for a new set of speakers for your Mac, iPod, iPhone, or iPad? The options can be overwhelming. Here's our guide for picking the right speaker system.

Buying guide: Headphones

Earbuds or full-size? Open or closed? Wired or Bluetooth? No matter what kind of headphones you like to plug into your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, we have some advice and recommendations for finding the perfect set.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac

Logitech’s latest Mac keyboard deserves kudos for its Mac-centric design and functionality, easy setup, and very good keys. In a well-lit office, the K750’s battery takes advantage of that ambient light to maintain a full charge.

Tunesque lets you search all of Apple's media stores at once

Tunesque makes it easier to find Apple-hawked media by consolidating searches of all Apple's media stores in a single interface.

Jettison automatically unmounts volumes when your Mac sleeps

Jettison lets you unmount external volumes by just closing your MacBook's lid (or putting your desktop Mac to sleep). When you hear Jettison's confirmation sound, it's safe to unplug and go.

Texas Instruments and Brookstone debut iPhone Pocket Projector case

Electronics giant Texas Instruments (TI) and specialty retailer Brookstone have announced the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4, a case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that incorporates TI's Pico projector technology to offer on-the-go video projection.

iCloud vs. Wi-Fi Sync: Which does what?

Thanks to iTunes 10.5, iOS 5, and iCloud you can wirelessly sync data with your iOS device in two ways: iCloud lets you send specific information to and from Apple’s iCloud servers over an Internet connection, and Wi-Fi Sync syncs your device with iTunes on your Mac via your local wireless network. But there are notable differences between what gets synced using each method, and the two aren't mutually exclusive, so it's not surprising that many people are confused about the differences and similarities between the two. We've summarized the types of data handled by each.

FreeSpace lets you monitor and manage your drives

FreeSpace is a handy menu-bar utility for keeping an eye on your free drive space, as well as for quickly accessing and unmounting volumes.

QuickCal makes it easy to add to and view your calendars

Looking for an easier way to add events and tasks to your calendars, and to get a quick overview of your schedule? QuickCal is an inexpensive solution.

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone and iPad

Thanks to solid gameplay and compelling missions and achievements, this delightful and addictive cave flyer game will keep you coming back for more.

Gems Revisited: Fantastical 1.1 and Moom 2.3.1

Since we originally reviewed Fantastical and Moom, these Mac Gems have seen significant updates that warrant another look, as well as new ratings.

Promising Prospect: RestoreMeNot

RestoreMeNot lets you disable Lion's Resume feature for particular applications, leaving it active for the rest.

Hands on with the new iPod nano software

The iPod nano Software 1.2 update brings the latest features, including a new interface, new clock faces, and new fitness capabilities, to all sixth-generation iPods.

Up close with iOS 5: Mail's changes

iOS 5 continues the trend seen of prior mobile OS updates, in which a number of user-requested features find their way into Mail. Dan Frakes looks at what's new with iOS 5's mail client.