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Up close with iOS 5: Safari

The latest version of mobile Safari adds even more features inspired by the Mac edition of Apple's Web browser. The finished product won't match the full-featured experience of a desktop Web browser, but with Safari in iOS 5, you won't feel like sacrificing quite as much when you browse on the go.

Hands on with Find My iPhone, Mac, and Friends

The launch of iCloud has ushered in a spate of location-aware services that help you track down your iOS devices, your Mac, and even your friends. Dan Frakes takes Find My iPhone, Find My Mac, and Find My Friends out for a spin.

Apple releases iTunes 10.5

A day before it releases iOS 5, Apple rolled out iTunes 10.5, which iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners will need to download in order to upgrade to the new mobile operating system.

iPhone 4S preordering: Early-morning snags frustrate early adopters

Apple's iPhone 4S was available for pre-order early Friday morning. But the process was anything but smooth for those anxious to reserve their new phone.

Opinion: Jobs humanized technology, made the magical common

Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes thinks the true legacy of Steve Jobs is in making technology accessible and the magical common. And that makes Jobs a truly historical figure.

AppleCare+ for iPhone covers accidental damage

Apple quietly updated its AppleCare service plan for the iPhone to cover up to two incidents of accidental damage -- for a small fee.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball

Senior editor Dan Frakes says that Kensington’s Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is the first portable trackball that's good enough to earn a place in his laptop bag, though it’s not without its drawbacks

Show dates and times in Mail's message list

The message list in Lion's version of Mail displays each message's date or time received. But with a few System Preferences tweaks, you can make Mail show both the date and the time simultaneously.

Smarts 1.0 for iTunes

Smarts helps you manage iTunes's smart playlists by letting you create playlist templates, archive infrequently used smart playlists, and export smart playlists in an iTunes-compatible format.

Padlock 1.0.1

Padlock lets you lock your Mac's screen, either by putting the display to sleep or by starting the screensaver, using the keyboard.

Take Five 1.1.2

If you need to temporarily pause your music listening, Take Five resumes playback automatically, avoiding the all-too-common realization that you've been listening to nothing because you forgot to press Play again. It also provides a useful informational display for identifying tracks.

Promising Prospect: Yoink 1.0

Yoink gives you a temporary place to stash files you want to move between folders, workspaces, or even full-screen apps.

Review: Two iOS take-out apps

Dan Frakes has recently dabbled with a pair of apps -- one from Five Guys and the other from Baja Fresh for placing fast-food orders from your iOS device. The Five Guys app delivers while Baja Fresh's iPhone offering should be sent back to the kitchen.

Lion Tweaks 1.3 lets you tweak hidden Lion settings

Lion Tweaks gathers a slew of hidden settings for tweaking Lion in a single window that lets you make those changes by clicking a few buttons.

Lidpop 1.0.2

Lidpop gives your MacBook a bit of personality by playing your favorite sounds when it sleeps and wakes. Trust us: It's fun.