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Favorite text-expansion tricks

Think you're using all the shortcuts your Mac has to offer? How about text-expansion? Dan Frakes and Kirk McElhearn share their favorite ways to use text-expansion utilities to save both typing and time.

Launchpad-Control 1.3

Launchpad-Control doesn't solve all of Launchpad's problems, but by letting you exclude apps you never want to see in Launchpad, it at least makes Launchpad a bit more usable.

Scroll Reverser 1.4.2

Scroll Reverser lets you reverse Lion's scrolling by the type of device (trackpad, mouse, or tablet), as well as for just horizontal or just vertical scrolling.

Logitech announces Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac

Accessory vendor Logitech has announced its latest Mac-specific keyboard, the ambient-light-powered Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac.

Hands on with Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Apple has released a simple utility for creating a bootable Lion Recovery volume from any external USB drive. While Apple's instructions for using Lion Recovery Disk Assistant seem simple enough, there's a lot more you should know.

ImageXY makes resizing images quick and easy

If you need to edit or process your images, you'll want a full-featured image editor such as Acorn or Photoshop. But for frequent resizing tasks, ImageXY is quick to launch, easy to use, and fast to finish.

New Mac minis deliver serious performance

The latest Mac mini models maintain last year's external design while overhauling what's inside and lowering the price of entry. The result is mighty appealing...as long as you don’t need an optical drive.

Buy a new Mac, get iLife for all your Macs

One consequence of the latest Mac models' lack of physical software media is that you get Mac App Store licenses that let you install iLife app on all your Macs.

18 ways to view the ~/Library folder in Lion and Mountain Lion

In Lion, your personal Library folder, at the root level of your Home folder, is gone. Actually, it's still there, but it's hidden. Here are a slew of ways to access it or, if you prefer, unhide it.

First Look: Safari 5.1

Reading List might headline the changes to OS X's built-in browser, but there are plenty of other changes in Safari that you need to know about. Dan Frakes gives you the rundown on what's new in the latest version of Safari.

First Look: Mail in Mac OS X Lion

With Lion, Apple's Mail gets its most significant update yet. In this first look, Dan Frakes tells you what's new and improved with OS X's built-in mail client.

Should you do a "clean install" of Lion?

Some Mac users prefer to do a "clean install" of each major new version of OS X, erasing their drive and starting over. We examine whether or not that's possible or, more important, advisable with Lion.

Hands on with Lion Recovery

One of the most significant new features of Lion is that it lets you boot your Lion-equipped Mac into a special recovery mode that includes a few essential utilities for fixing problems, restoring files, browsing the Web, and even reinstalling Lion. Here's our comprehensive look at this new troubleshooting tool.

Installing Lion: Our complete guide

Here's our guide to installing Lion, from the best way to get your Mac ready, to undertaking the actual install process, to creating a bootable installer, to exploring Lion's new recovery mode.

Installing Lion: What you need to know

Now that Lion has been released, here’s a look at the details of installing and setting up Apple’s first download-only OS. We also take a look at some of the upgrade obstacles you might face.