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Microsoft leaks more Office 2011 details

As it prepares for the October release of its Mac office suite, Microsoft releases a few more details about new and revamped features including enhanced compatibility with the Windows versions, some nice tweaks to Excel, and some in-app photo-editing tools.

Video previews Microsoft's Office 2011 plans

Microsoft began releasing more details about its upcoming Office 2011 release with a brief video of the productivity suite that it posted to its Website Wednesday.

NewerTech NuGuard Clear

If all you need is minimalist protection for the iPad's back, this clear plastic snap-on case could help. But fuller protection is available.

Incipio Silicrylic

Combining soft silicone with rigid polycarbonate, the Silicrylic makes your iPad easier to hold and harder to break.

Incipio iPad Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

Can a lightweight shell give your iPad heavyweight protection?

NewerTech NuGuard Leather

This rigid plastic shell protects iPad's back, but doesn't do anything for its screen.

Speck CandyShell Case for iPad

Thoughtful design plus good construction make this one of the nicer iPad shells we've seen.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve

A tough outer shell for the iPad, with good padding inside, but check the construction.

Waterfield Designs iPad Smart Case

Nicely made sleeve with enough protection to keep your iPad safe inside another bag.

Speck Fitted Case for iPad

Like plaid? Speck's Fitted may be the iPad shell for you.

Incipio Tek-nical

Incipio's Tek-nical is an iPad carrying case that can double as a sleeve.

Essential Mac utilities: launchers

Launcher apps such as DragThing and LaunchBar can make your Mac workflow infinitely easier. Unfortunately, finding the right one isn't always so simple. Dan Miller walks you through the decision.

Fuze Box updates Web conferencing

Fuze Meeting takes on WebEx and GoToMeeting with lower pricing, no-client Web interface.

Quickly create .tar files in Finder

Sometimes you want to collect a bunch of files into one file, but don't need to compress them. A .tar file is the answer; here's an OS X service that makes creating one quick and easy.

Improve battery life by hibernating SSDs

Forcing your Mac to hibernate instead of just going to sleep can save on battery lifeā€”and the faster wake-up times on solid-state drives makes it less of a hassle.