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Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Alfred 0.8

Alfred may not be as powerful as Launchbar, Butler, or Quicksilver. But it makes up for it with a clean interface, straightforward configuration, and effective results.

View Web-page source in external editor

It’s nice to know that OS X Hints editor emeritus Rob Griffiths still visits the site, as evidenced by his posting of this nifty hint for Firefox users.

CES: VoxOx updates do-it-all communications app

VoxOx can manage e-mail, chat, social networking, phone, and fax communications; now it can do all that in a single window.

Find photos that Image Capture lost

Photos that have been deleted from your camera after a failed import can be found in a hidden folder.

Hazel 2.3

OS X's Folder Actions are a nice idea, but not always so great in execution. Hazel takes the same concept, of automatically applying actions to items in folders, and makes it both simpler to set up and more powerful.

Holiday playlists: Blue Christmas

Sometimes all that cheer and sentimentality can get tiring on the ears. To mix things up, try throwing in a few of these.

Create local hyperlinks in Numbers

One thing that Excel can do that Numbers can't: Insert hyperlinks from spreadsheets to local files. But one Hints reader found a work-around.