Dan MillerEditor, Macworld

Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Essential Mac utilities: launchers

Launcher apps such as DragThing and LaunchBar can make your Mac workflow infinitely easier. Unfortunately, finding the right one isn't always so simple. Dan Miller walks you through the decision.

Fuze Box updates Web conferencing

Fuze Meeting takes on WebEx and GoToMeeting with lower pricing, no-client Web interface.

Quickly create .tar files in Finder

Sometimes you want to collect a bunch of files into one file, but don't need to compress them. A .tar file is the answer; here's an OS X service that makes creating one quick and easy.

Improve battery life by hibernating SSDs

Forcing your Mac to hibernate instead of just going to sleep can save on battery life—and the faster wake-up times on solid-state drives makes it less of a hassle.

Use Google to convert Office doc to PDF

Need to create a PDF of a Microsoft Office file, but don't have the right version of Office? Use Google Docs to convert it.

Reduce Amazon download clutter

When you add Amazon MP3s to iTunes, they can leave behind a trail of old MP3 files. Here's how to configure the Amazon downloader app to automatically clean up after itself.

Dropbox: Beyond the basics

Dropbox, the free file-syncing service, is a great way to make sure that the copies of your to-do list and resume are the same on all your Macs. But that's just the beginning of what Dropbox can do. Dan Miller explains.

First look: iWork for iPad

If the iPad is going to succeed as a business tool, it needs an office suite. The first suite out the gate: Apple's own iWork for iPad.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

If you're going to use the iPad for business, you're going to need a keyboard. This is a really nice one.

Expo: MacPractice preps for iPad

Imagine, next time you visit the doctor or dentist, filling out all those forms on an iPad instead of clipboard-and-paper. Software developer MacPractice has plans to make that happen.

Dan-and-DaveCast 2010

The D-men of Macworld discuss all the activity on the show floor, cite some of the favorite things they’ve seen here, and ponder the continuing future of a Macworld Expo without Apple.

Microsoft announces Office for Mac 2011

The new version of Microsoft's suite of productivity applications will ship by the end of 2010, including better compatibility with Windows version, improved collaboration tools, Visual Basic, and Outlook.