Dan MillerEditor, Macworld

Dan is Macworld's Executive Editor and, thus, the senior Dan on staff.

Doozla 1.1

There are plenty of painting and drawing programs for Mac kids, but plasq’s Doozla is one of the best.

Optimizing Windows on your Mac

In this edition of Macworld Video, Executive Editor Dan Miller looks at installing virtualization programs on your Mac and offers some tips for optimizing your performance.

Office 2008 vs. iWork ’08: Can they get along?

We’ve compared Word and Pages, Excel and Numbers, PowerPoint and Keynote. But one question is still on readers minds: What about file compatibility?

Review: OmniFocus 1.0 task management software

OmniFocus has one thing in mind, and that's to help you Get Things Done. It's one of the most polished to-do managers out there, though it requires some practice to really take advantage of the software and to understand its interface. Overall, it's a powerful way to manage tasks.

Mobile Mac mishaps

The fact is, hitting the road with your Mac can sometimes be a nightmare. For an upcoming Macworld story, we'd like to hear your horror stories: the worst things that have happened to you while traveling with your Mac, and how you changed your travel habits as a result.

Leap 1.0

There's got to be a better way of managing your files than with hierarchical file folders—maybe it's with keyword tags. Ironic Software's Leap lets you tag files with keywords, so you can find files fast.

The MacBook Air: What you need to know

Steve Jobs ended his Macworld Expo keynote by unveiling the MacBook Air, the thinnest laptop Apple's ever made. What features are included in this slim portable, and which ones did Apple drop? What's the battery life like? And is it the right machine for you? We have the answers to these and other questions in our MacBook Air introductory guide.

No news is good news

Dan Miller wonders—how do you strike a balance between staying connected and staying productive?

Inside Leopard: iCal

The big change in Leopard's version of iCal is the addition of a group scheduling feature to OS X's built-in calendaring app. But Dan Miller discovers there's a catch to getting the most out of this update.

The surprisingly watchable iPod nano

Dan Miller was skeptical that a 2-inch display would be worth watching. But a few days with the latest iPod nano changed his mind.

iGTD 1.4

iGTD lets you sort tasks by project, priority, and due date.

Yep 1.6.2

If you've got a lot of PDFs to process, this $34 application lets you tag the files with keywords for easy organization and retrieval.

Making sense of our reliability survey

Now that Macworld has published the results of our realiability-and-satisfaction survey, Dan Miller takes a closer look at the results -- including two seemingly contradictory responses about how satisfied Mac users are with their machines and how dependable those computers are.

State of the Mac

We hear reports of Mac misbehavior -- yellowing cases, faulty batteries, flawed displays -- but wonder how to put those reports in context. Are they happening to lots of Mac users or a vocal few? And how hard is it to get problems resolved when they do flare up? To find out, we commissioned a survey to gauge how Mac users rate their machines for reliability and satisfaction. The results may surprise you.

Bye-bye, Yahoo

Dan Miller has been giving iGoogle a test run as his personalized home page, and he’s ready to ditch My Yahoo. Here’s why.