Dan MillerEditor, Macworld

Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Kaspersky Lab releases antivirus app

OK, so Mac malware is virtually nonexistent. But Kaspersky Lab says Macs can still transmit viruses to PCs, and its new product can help prevent that.

Backblaze opens online backups to businesses

Backblaze has been offering online backup services to individual Mac users since last April. Now it's expanding those services to businesses, too.

Visioneer returns with two-in-one scanner

Strobe 500 works on desktop or, with press of button, goes portable.

DoorStop X security suite ready for Snow Leopard

In addition to adding Snow Leopard compatibility to the suite's firewall and the firewall advisor, DoorStop X 2.3 also includes a new read-only mode in the firewall for non-admin users while the Who's There? Firewall Advisor offers an improved geo-location service.

McAfee security offering targets networks with Macs

Aimed at everything from small- and medium-sized businesses to enterprises, McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac includes protection against malware and spyware, as well as a firewall.

Omni Group to partner with GTD creator

As a result of the partnership between the software maker and The David Allen Company, the OmniFocus task manager will support the Getting Things Done methodology.

Latest version of StuffIt Deluxe incorporates cloud computing

Among its other new features, StuffIt Deluxe 2010 supports the new "cloud-based" StuffIt Connect service, which lets you share large files with other users more easily.

Tear down those Office walls, Microsoft

Microsoft has announced it'll release a new version of Office in 2010. Dan Miller wants to know: Why?

More news not good news

Google's announcement of its Chrome OS was the big tech news this week. But did we get the story right?

Your Mac, Your Way

Every Mac user unique. And so is the way each of us set up our virtual desktops, manage files, and launch apps. So we asked Macworld readers and contributors: How have you customized your Mac?

The Microsoft discount

People who talk about an "Apple tax" have it all wrong, Dan Miller thinks. Maybe Mac users aren't paying more for an Apple logo as Microsoft's Steve Ballmer claims -- maybe PC users pay less as compensation for the headaches of running Windows.

How have you customized OS X?

We want to know: How do you manage such basic housekeeping chores as managing files and launching applications? How have you arranged your workspace so it works best for you?

A new reality distortion field

Steve Jobs may be dealing with health issues, but it’s a few hyperventilating media commentators who may need to lie down after some not exactly stellar commentary about the Apple CEO’s leave of absence.

First Look: iWork.com

iWork.com is not a collaborative online productivity tool in the same way that Google’s Docs offering is. But the online component to Apple’s iWork suite does let you share and comment on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Dan Miller takes a closer look.

Expo Notes: Securing your Mac

Security isn't just about hackers and malware. Dan Miller takes to the Expo show floor to explore some of the products aimed at keeping your Mac safe from thieves.