Dan MillerEditor, Macworld

Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Summary: Apple unveils iPhone 5s and 5c, announces ship date for iOS 7

The rumor mill got most of Tuesday's announcements right: Two new iPhones and a ship-date for iOS 7.

VMware releases Fusion 6 to support OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1

VMware has released the latest version of Fusion, its app for running Windows and other OSes on your Mac. Its chief focus: support the latest versions of OS X and Windows

Hands-on: Parallels Access runs your Mac apps on your iPad

Parallels is best known for letting you run Windows on your Mac. Now, with Parallels Access, it's entering the more crowded niche letting you run your Mac's apps remotely from your iPad. Here's our first look.

Mac Gems: Launchpad Manager will make you actually use OS X's Launchpad

Launchpad Manager provides a nice set of tools for organizing the Launchpad.

Apple announces take-back program for iPhone power-adapters

Following reports of malfunctioning third-party iPhone power adapters, the company says it will take your old adapter and sell you a new official one at a special price.

FileMaker files Bento database app for iOS and Mac under 'discontinued'

The database giant is shutting down its consumer-level app to focus on its main product lines.

Mac Gems: Should I Sleep puts your Mac into a proper sleep routine

Filled with features and customization options, Should I Sleep is a valuable Mac utility.

Mac Gems: Startupizer takes control of login items

Startupizer supercharges OS X's Login Items list by letting you determine the order in which login items load, as well as configure conditions that determine whether each item loads.

Email overload? Check out SaneBox

If your inbox is overflowing (and whose inbox isn't?), a service called SaneBox could help. Dan Miller has a quick video tour.

My top five TextExpander snippets

If you work with text, a utility like TextExpander is indispensable. Here are five ways Dan Miller uses it to save time and typing.

Mac Gems: Alfred 2 ups the launcher-app ante

Alfred 2, a major update to the popular app- and file-launching utility, adds workflows and customizable themes while maintaining the app's ease of use. But it lacks some of the configuration options of its more-powerful competitors.

8 ways to hide files and folders in OS X

Maybe you have a laptop want to be extra safe. Maybe you share a computer and want to keep some things private. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep some files or folders hidden, we found eight ways to do it.

First Look: Doo document manager

If you're drowning in files, Doo is a surprisingly powerful document manager for the desktop.

Expo Notes: Omnifocus to get an update

The Omni Group has announced version 2.0 of its flagship to-do manager, but the app won't ship for a while.

Mac Gems: Bartender helps you take control of menu-bar icons

By giving you extensive control over the menu bar, Bartender makes a key element of the OS X interface way more useful.