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Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Run Office on your iPad

Want to edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad and file compatibility is your top concern? These services let your iPad run the Windows version of Microsoft Office remotely.

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means to you

Samsung might have lost dramatically in its patent fight with Apple, but in the long term the decision could mean consumers win.

Google Voice Search coming to iOS

Google's Voice Search technology, which makes the company's Search app almost Siri-like in its intelligence, is making the leap from Android to iOS.

Apply metadata tags to files with Tagit

Tagit lets you add metadata tags to files for easy searching, either through Tagit itself or other apps that are compatible with the OpenMeta tagging standard.

Up close with Mountain Lion: Messages

Messages is more than just a reskinning of iChat. Rather, Mountain Lion's new messaging client is a rethinking of the way chatting and texting should work on the Mac.

Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to you

Google has bought mobile office-suite maker QuickOffice. That'll give iPad users a pretty compelling way to edit Office documents on the tablet, and give iWork some pretty stiff competition.

Seven iPad keyboard tricks

If you use the iPad's keyboard, here are seven tricks--for entering special characters, ending sentences quickly, splitting the keyboard, and more--that you ought to know about.

CloudOn adds Box.net support

CloudOn's app lets you use the Windows version of Microsoft Office on your iPad. Version 2.0 of the app adds the ability to store those Office documents on your Box.net account.

How to organize files and folders with Hazel

Have a lot files and folders to keep organized in OS X? (Who doesn't?) Hazel, the utility that automates file-management, can help. Here's a brief introduction.

Hazel, the standout file organizer, gets even smarter

Hazel was already a Mac Gem, but the new version's nested conditionals, new actions, and interface tweaks have made a great utility even better.

FuzeMeeting app turns iPad into videoconferencing host

Updated app adds collaborative annotation of documents, cross-compatibility with high-end videoconferencing systems.

Apple releases printer drivers for Canon, Samsung, others

New printer software helps OS X Lion and OS X 10.6 work with Canon, Samsung, and Ricoh hardware, along with a few lesser-known brands.

Inkling introduces cloud-based publishing tool

The new Habitat system aims to help publishers streamline production of large-scale ebook projects by moving them to the cloud.

Make apps appear correctly in Mission Control

Sometimes, when you tell an app to appear in specific workspace, it doesn't. Ditto for when you want an app to appear in every workspace. If that's happening to you, here's a workaround.

Organize files in the Finder with Arrange By

The Arrange By menu in the OS X Lion's Finder is a great tool for organizing, managing, and navigating through your files and folders. Here's how it works and how to make the most of it.