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Welcome to the new Macworld (again)

We've redesigned macworld.com before. But never quite like this.

Apple shows off iPod touch, nano updates

A new iPod touch, with improved camera and support for iOS 6, and a bigger iPod nano are both on the way.

Run Office on your iPad

Want to edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad and file compatibility is your top concern? These services let your iPad run the Windows version of Microsoft Office remotely.

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means to you

Samsung might have lost dramatically in its patent fight with Apple, but in the long term the decision could mean consumers win.

Google Voice Search coming to iOS

Google's Voice Search technology, which makes the company's Search app almost Siri-like in its intelligence, is making the leap from Android to iOS.

Apply metadata tags to files with Tagit

Tagit lets you add metadata tags to files for easy searching, either through Tagit itself or other apps that are compatible with the OpenMeta tagging standard.