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Expo Notes: More stuff for the business folks

Yet more proof that Macworld | iWorld isn't all fun and games: New tools for recording meetings, presenting on the iPad, and keeping track of your contacts.

Macworld | iWorld: It's about business, too

It's not all art, music, and fun at this week's Macworld | iWorld exposition: Vendors are releasing business apps for the Mac and iPad, too.

Analysis: Apple's e-textbook push earns mixed grades

Ask publishers, analysts, and rivals about Apple's digital textbook initiative and they'll say it's good for everyone -- but they're skeptical about it, too.

Small businesses to buy more tablets in 2012

A survey finds that 73% of small-to-medium sized business plan to buy tablets in the next 12 months. And when small businesses think "tablet," they usually mean "iPad."

Downloader beware: AIM preview oversteps its bounds

AOL has released a preview version of its new AIM instant-messaging client. But in some cases, that software inserts intrusive marketing messages into all of your chats--even when you aren't using AIM.

VMWare Fusion 4 takes on Parallels 7

Just a week after Parallels released a new version of its virtualization software for OS X, VMWare comes out with an update of its own. The differences between the two are wafer-thin.

How to learn to use gestures in Lion

If you've never used Multi-Touch gestures on your Mac, Lion's new emphasis on them may make you feel as though you're being asked to learn a new language. Which, in a way, you are. Here's how to climb the learning curve as smoothly as possible.

CleanHaven Pro makes it easy to clean up messy text

There are a number of other programs that offer more options for cleaning up messy text, but CleanHaven Pro is as easy to use as they come.

Time Sink 1.2

Many Tricks' Time Sink isn't the only app that can keep track of what you do on your Mac, but it's certainly one of the easiest to use. If you need to keep track of billable hours, or just want to optimize your productivity, Time Sink can help contribute to a fine-grained time-tracking system.

MindManager upgrades on Mac, debuts on iOS

Popular brainstorming app moves to iOS; new Mac version adds improved input and presentation tools.

Parallels: Run Windows, Linux servers on Mac mini

Company that lets you run Windows on your Mac now lets your run Windows (and Linux) server OSes on a Mac mini.

How to retrieve files from the Trash

Turns out there are several ways to pull files and folders back out of the Trash when you decide you want to keep them.

Office 2011 service pack on the way

Since Office 2011's release last fall, we've been waiting for the suite to support OS X's Sync Services. Now it does. But you still won't be able to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks to MobileMe.

How to make iTunes' Genius Mixes smarter

Genius Mixes are nice, making it easy to hear a series of related tracks. But you can't see which tracks are in them and you can't get rid of duplicates -- unless you know this trick.

Make new AppleScripts automatically

Tired of copying-and-pasting AppleScripts you find online? Here are two services that'll do it for you.