Dan MillerEditor, Macworld

Dan is Editor of Macworld.

Office 2011 service pack on the way

Since Office 2011's release last fall, we've been waiting for the suite to support OS X's Sync Services. Now it does. But you still won't be able to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks to MobileMe.

How to make iTunes' Genius Mixes smarter

Genius Mixes are nice, making it easy to hear a series of related tracks. But you can't see which tracks are in them and you can't get rid of duplicates -- unless you know this trick.

Make new AppleScripts automatically

Tired of copying-and-pasting AppleScripts you find online? Here are two services that'll do it for you.

Move selected Finder items to new folder

Two Hints readers came up with an AppleScript that moves a bunch of selected files and folders to a new folder -- and it works even in system-restricted folders like the Trash.

Choose the addresses Mail uses for groups

If you send messages to Address Book groups in Mail, and if some group-members have more than one e-mail address, your message may not get to the right one. Here's how to make sure your mail goes to the address you want.

Mysteries of the iPad 2 line

Macworld's Dan Miller came away empty-handed from Friday's iPad 2 launch and is left wondering why big crowds turn up for such events.

Hide the Help window

By default, Help windows in OS X float above all others. That can be a hassle when you want to see other windows but don't want to close Help. Fortunately, there's a way to make the Help Viewer behave like any other window.

Edit with trackpad in iPhoto

You can use finger gestures on one of Apple's new trackpads to crop and straighten photos in iLife's photo editor.

GadgetTrak app tracks stolen iPhones

GadgetTrak is an anti-theft app tracks your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it should be stolen.

Expo Notes: It's not for spam! Really!

The folks who make Direct Mail software face an uphill fight, image-wise.

Expo Notes: How hot is the iGrill?

Gauging by the number of people who've asked me about it, the iGrill is one of the more intriguing products at Macworld 2011.

Expo Notes: Cross-dressing

One software company asks: What's it take to get a little attention around here?

Change System Preferences by script

Don't want to wade through all those preference panes to change one setting? One Hints reader came up with an AppleScript-application that makes such a change simple.

iHome iP39 Kitchen Timer and FM Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System for iPhone/iPod

An iPod dock-speaker made especially for the kitchen, the iHome iP39 doesn't take up too much counter space and it cleans up easily. If you don't already have any way to play your iPod in the kitchen, the iP39 is worth a look. But it's missing some basic features, and it won't win any awards from audiophiles.

Microsoft introduces OneNote iPhone app

For the first time, an Office app hits the iPhone: OneNote lets you create and save notes to the cloud.