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China Mobile still in talks with Apple over iPhone

China Mobile and Apple remain in talks over the iPhone.

iPhone 3G launch in Taiwan may foretell China debut

Chunghwa Telecom will launch Apple’s iPhone 3G in Taiwan, and the deal may foretell a China debut.

Google increases U.S. search dominance in October

Google accounted for 71.7 percent of U.S. Web searches in October, up from 64.5 percent the same month last year.

LCD makers express regret over U.S. price-fixing fines

Asian LCD makers fined by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) expressed regret over the price-fixing schemes that led to...

Intel’s Atom processor no longer in short supply

The shortage of Intel’s Atom processor appears to be over.

Apple overtakes RIM, Microsoft in smartphones

Nokia topped a smartphone shipment survey in the third quarter, but Apple edged out RIM for second place.

iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Diamond spur Taiwanese production

Shipments of iPhone 3Gs and HTC Touch Diamond smartphones spurred Taiwan makers in the third quarter.

Hands on with HTC's Google phone

IDGNS's Dan Nystedt spent some time with the new G1 handset.

DRAM prices plunge 18 percent in two weeks

Contract DRAM prices for the second half of September plunged 18 percent to new record lows, DRAMeXchange said Monday.

DRAM production cuts fail to pull up market

Analysts say last week’s production cuts by a few DRAM makers are too late to spur a price recovery for the memory market.

A year on, China Mobile, Apple still in iPhone talks

Despite negotiations that have lasted nearly a year, China Mobile and Apple remain in talks over the iPhone.

iPhone to be sold by two Russian companies

The new iPhone 3G will be sold by at least two mobile phone companies and a third may be added soon.

Google drops Bluetooth, GTalkService APIs from Android 1.0

Google dropped Bluetooth and GTalkService instant messaging APIs

EA drops bid for Grand Theft Auto publisher, but joins talks

Game publisher EA dropped its bid for Grand Theft Auto maker Take-Two, but will continue discussions on a possible new offer.

Intel launches smaller SSD for netbooks, mini-desktops

Intel launched a smaller SSD for netbooks on Wednesday.