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Microsoft confirms Oct. 11 launch of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft confirmed the Oct. 11 launch event for its new Windows Phone 7 OS.

Verizon blames built-in phone software for overcharges

Verizon Wireless stands ready to hand back millions of dollars to customers who were overcharged on their mobile phone bills due to built-in software.

Facebook apologizes for worst outage in four years

Many Facebook users were unable to access the Website for up to two and a half hours on Thursday, the worst outage the social networking service has had in four years.

Pegatron suspends manager accused in Apple scandal

Pegatron has suspended a manager accused in the Apple kickback scandal and has opened an internal investigation.

Report: Apple to launch 7-inch iPad by Christmas

A major Taiwanese newspaper reported that the iPad 2, with a 7-inch touchscreen, may be out by Christmas.

iSuppli warns of looming DRAM shortage

Market researcher iSuppli warned Monday of the risks for a looming shortage of DRAM, the main memory used in personal computers.

Adobe acquires Web software maker for $240 million

Adobe has agreed to buy Web software maker Day Software Holding in a deal worth $240 million, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

Amazon sells out of $189 Kindle

Amazon.com is sold out of the $189 version of its popular Kindle e-readers, and potential buyers will have to wait for new stock to come in.

iSuppli raises iPad sales forecast after Apple's strong quarter

Market researcher iSuppli sharply increased its forecast for sales of Apple's popular iPad to 12.9 million by the end of this year.

Amazon Kindle sales defy iPad by rising each month in Q2

Predictions for the Kindle's death at the hands of the iPad appear to have been premature as Amazon on Monday reported strong growth in sales of its e-reader after cutting the device's price.

China, Taiwan agree on Android, Ophone, WiMax, TD-LTE, more

China and Taiwan signed an agreement to promote a number of telecom technologies, including Android, Ophones, WiMax and TD-LTE.

Foxconn plans further pay increase to stop suicides

Foxconn plans to raise pay again for workers in Shenzhen, China to put a stop to a string of suicides at its main factory there.

Foxconn says pay raises in China not about suicides

Foxconn has raised pay among workers in China by 30 percent, but says the raises have nothing to do with a string of suicides at factories there.

Google to release Chrome OS in fourth quarter

Google will release its Chrome operating system for laptop computers in Q4, and will also launch an app store for the OS

Computex 2010 to feature iPad rivals

Computex Taipei will celebrate its 30th year when it opens next Tuesday, highlighted by an OS battle for tablets between Windows 7 and Android.