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iPhone, new iPods to spur flash prices

The iPhone and upcoming new iPods may send flash memory prices up, meaning users may not see any more bargains or extra flash cards.

RIM posts record highs in Q1, iPhone to help

RIM posted record high subscriber growth in its first quarter, a sign that some users aren't putting off purchases ahead of Friday's iPhone launch.

Taiwan hit by iPhone craze

The surest sign marketing hype surrounding the iPhone has outdone itself is that a small island on the Pacific rim is abuzz over the device.

Asustek smartphone hits market ahead of iPhone

Asustek launched a smartphone with a touch-sensitive screen, running Windows Mobile 6, just days ahead of the launch of the iPhone.

Chips are here, but wireless HDMI still out of sight

A chipset promising to transmit HD video signals wirelessly around the home faces hurdles in the market due to competing technology standards, Gartner says.

AMD will continue supplying ATI graphics to Intel

AMD plans to continue supplying ATI graphics chips for Intel Corp.-based systems, despite their rivalry.

Intel's rumored graphics chip a no-show at Computex

Rumors that Intel will soon enter the high end graphics race appear to be wrong again.

iPhone to ignite smartphone use, Arm chief says

The iPhone is about to do for smartphones what the iPod did for digital music players: put one in everyone’s pocket.

HTC launches Microsoft-based iPhone rival

HTC launched the HTC Touch, a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 device designed with one-touch screen features reminiscent of the iPhone.

Report: Microsoft has sold over a million Zunes

Microsoft has already sold over a million Zune digital music players since its launch last year, achieving its target a month early.

DRAM price crashes through $2 mark

Users are likely to find bargains on DRAM in May and June, because a glut is keeping prices on a downward spiral.

Asustek to ship motherboard with HD interface

Asustek plans to launch a PC motherboard in April that will allow users to watch high definition movies on either the Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD formats.

Opinion: Why would Google make a phone?

Some say Google wants to make something like Apple’s iPhone, but called the gPhone instead. The easy answer to that theory is that almost everyone wants to make something like Apple’s iPhone.

China and Russia top list of worst copyright violators

China and Russia are the two worst foreign infringers of U.S. software and music copyrights, the IIPA said Monday.

Samsung to pay US states $90 million in DRAM case

Samsung has agreed to pay $90 million in fines for fixing the prices of DRAM.