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IBM, Intel pace each other with improved transistors

IBM and Intel over the weekend unveiled similar chip-manufacturing advances.

IDC: One billion mobile phones were shipped in 2006

Blockbuster mobile phone sales during the holiday season last year propelled shipments to over one billion for all of 2006, market researcher IDC said Thursday.

Vista adoption will not boost PC sales, predicts TSMC

Microsoft's new Windows Vista OS won't boost PC sales very much this year because OSs usually face slow, gradual adoption, the CEO of TSMC said.

Microsoft's Allchin proposed tie with Apple

Some Microsoft executives were so frustrated by their experience with digital music players made by global partners that they nearly turned to iPod.

iPhone may pay Apple over 50 percent margins: iSuppli

The iPhone may pay off handsomely for Apple with over 50 percent gross margins for each version of the music-enabled smart phone, iSuppli said.

Toshiba expects to ship 1.8M HD DVD players in 2007

Toshiba said it will sell 1.8 million HD DVD players this year, increased disc capacity to 51GB, and said several companies will launch players this year.

Skype to start charging U.S., Canada users for calls

Skype plans to charge U.S. and Canadian users $29.95 a year for unlimited calls to regular phones in both countries, as the end of a free trial offer looms.

New type of memory chip may replace flash, HDD

Flash memory and hard disk drives could face a challenge from a new chip, dubbed phase-change memory, developed by a group of companies led by IBM Corp.

PlayStation 3 sales send Asustek sales soaring

The Taiwanese contract manufacturer producing PlayStation 3 game consoles saw its sales rocket to a record high in November due to the hit product.

Access charges Palm $44 million for Palm OS license

Access, the company that purchased PalmSource, has licensed the Palm OS to Palm for $44 million.

ATI loses ground in graphics after AMD purchase

ATI graphics products lost ground in every category during the third quarter, and its acquisition by AMD is likely the reason why, says Jon Peddie Research.

Pleo brings dinosaurs back to life

Pleo isn’t your ordinary robotic dinosaur pet. Not only does he cry when scolded, but his open source OS allows users to create new emotions and movements.

Nvidia ends options probe, takes $127 million charge

Nvidia found some irregularities in past stock-based compensation practices during an internal probe, and took a US$127 million non-cash charge.

Nvidia to take $150 million charge in options probe

Nvidia plans to restate 2-years of earnings and take non-cash charges of less than $150 million as part of a stock options probe.

Intel to ship 45nm processors in late 2007

Intel will start shipping more efficient versions of the same chips Apple now uses in its iMacs in the second half of next year, company executives said Monday.