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Acer in talks with Sony about battery recall

Acer, the world's fourth-largest PC vendor, is in talks with Sony over joining its voluntary laptop battery recall.

BlackBerry tops 6M users, but trouble may lie ahead

The number of BlackBerry account holders reached 6.2 million at the beginning of September, but IDC says trouble may lie ahead for RIM.

Yahoo buys Web video site Jumpcut

Yahoo agreed to buy Web video site Jumpcut.com on Wednesday, a sign Internet companies continue to seek ways to rival popular YouTube.

BitTorrent takes on movie download rivals

BitTorrent's co-founder recently offered his thoughts to IDGNS on how his company's nascent movie download service will compete against Apple's iTunes Stores and other rivals.

Yahoo warns on weakening Web ad sales

A slowing U.S. economy is already impacting Yahoo's Web advertising sales growth, which does not bode well for other ad-supported Internet sites.

Napster exploring sale, tie-up

Napster is in talks over a sale or possible strategic partnership, the company said Monday.

Apple's new iPods priced for profits, not market share

Apple's recent introduction of several new iPod products shows the company is looking for profits, not market share, according to Gartner.

BlackBerry continues expansion by launching in Taiwan

One of Taiwan's largest mobile phone operators launched BlackBerry on Thursday, continuing Research In Motion's expansion into Asia.

BitTorrent plans movie download site for foreign films

BitTorrent Inc. plans to open an online movie store to sell foreign films and other hard to find video, including content from China, Japan and India.

Amazon opens video download store

Amazon unveiled the Unbox Video Store on Thursday, a direct rival to Apple's iTunes 24-7 video store.

AMD gains antitrust approval to buy ATI

AMD has gained approval from key U.S., Canadian and German anti-trust regulators for its $5.4 billion plan to buy ATI Technologies.

iPod subcontractor dismisses Chinese libel suit

The subcontractor accused of mistreating workers at an iPod factory in China dropped its libel suit against two reporters over the weekend.

iPod maker cuts damage claim against journalists

The iPod manufacturer at the heart of a furor over the treatment of workers in China has reduced the damages it is seeking from journalists.

DDR2 finally crowned DRAM king

After a much longer than expected delay, DDR2 has finally taken over as the most popular memory chip used in PCs.

Analysis: Last ditty for the iPod?

Dell may have pulled out of the MP3 market and Creative settled with Apple, but competition from Nokia and others may spell trouble for the future of the iPod.