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China Mobile still in talks to sell iPhone

China Mobile is still in talks with Apple about offering the iPhone in China, its CEO said Wednesday

Report: Twitter valued at $1 billion in new deal

Twitter may raise as much as $100 million soon in a deal that values it at $1 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports.

LG unveils its first Android smartphone

LG unveiled its first Google Android smartphone, the LG-GW620, on Monday.

HTC Tattoo to be first customizable Android handset

HTC announced its fourth Android smartphone on Tuesday, the HTC Tattoo.

China Unicom follows iPhone deal with Telefonica pact

China Unicom and Telefonica agreed to jointly invest in each other and work on several initiatives, including network development.

Gmail outages could turn off enterprises

Repeated outages of Google's Gmail online e-mail system could discourage enterprise customers from using it.

Gmail outage caused by overloaded servers

A worldwide Gmail outage was caused by a traffic jam on Google servers.

Report: eBay to sell Skype to group of private investors

Ebay plans to sell Skype to a group of private investors in a deal to be announced Tuesday, the New York Times reported.

Judge rules against RealDVD movie copying software

RealNetworks lost a key ruling in a case over its RealDVD software, which lets users copy DVD movies to their computer.

Sony offers new touchscreen e-reader and one for $199

Sony announced two new e-readers, one with a 6-inch touchscreen and another with a 5-inch screen that costs $100 less than Kindle.

Android, Windows Mobile phone sales slower than HTC expected

HTC said its 2009 revenue will fall short of previous guidance due partly to slower-than-expected sales of Android and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Mobile phone shipments drop 11 percent in Q2, IDC says

Worldwide mobile phone shipments dropped 11 percent in the second quarter despite continued strong sales of smartphones.

Foxconn hands iPhone suicide case to Chinese police

A 25-year-old Chinese employee of eletronics maker Foxconn reportedly committed suicide after losing a 4G iPhone prototype entrusted to him by his company.

Intel is working with Google on Chrome OS

Intel says it is on board with Google's Chrome OS project.

Google lists HP, Acer among Chrome OS partners

Google listed HP and Acer among the companies already developing devices for the Chrome OS.