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DDR3 DRAM demand spikes for new laptops, servers

Demand for DDR3 memory has spiked recently as systems makers turn to it for increased power efficiency and performance.

HTC puts new face on latest Google Android phone, Hero

HTC's third Android handset, Hero, debuts the company's new user interface and a search button for real time search.

RIM posts rare drop in BlackBerry subscriber growth

RIM saw a rare drop in subscriber growth for its popular BlackBerry system in its fiscal first quarter.

Gartner: Android an alternative to Windows in netbooks

Market-research frim Gartner says Android may be a good alternative to Windows 7 on mini-laptops.

Computex attendance falls but Android dazzles

Devices based on Google's Android software stole the show at Computex, where attendance was down due to the global recession and Swine flu fears.

BenQ plans Android smartphones, netbooks for 2010

The Taiwanese consumer electronics maker plans to launch a smartphone and a netbook running Google's Android operating system next year, a BenQ representative confirmed Thursday.

Microsoft to leave smartbooks to Google

Microsoft doesn't plan to offer a version of Windows for so-called "smartbooks," leaving the space open to Linux, Google's Android and other operating systems.

Google keeps quiet on Android laptop plans

While two Android-based laptops debuted ahead of the Computex exhibition, Google declined to comment on whether its working on adapting Andorid for laptops.

E-reader screens coming for netbooks

Screen start-up Pixel Qi is showing off its first 10.1-inch screen for netbooks at Computex next week.

HTC to sell Google Android smartphone in China

China's first mobile phone based on Google's Android software will go on sale next month in a deal between China Mobile and Taiwan's High Tech Computer (HTC).

Samsung unveils its first Google phone

Samsung unveiled its first Google phone, the I7500, which will be out in Europe this June.

Taiwan chip maker sues Apple over iPhone, iPod touch, MacBook

Taiwan chip designer Elan Microelectronics said Wednesday it is suing Apple over the infringement of two U.S. patents.

Electronics demand may recover late this year

Gartner says that end demand for electronics has not yet recovered, despite some positive signs recently.

Atom netbook chip propels Intel to top of market

Intel's Atom microprocessor helped it increase market share against rival AMD last year.

Report: IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems

The Wall Street Journal says that IBM could pay as much as $6.5 billion