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HTC to launch ‘at least’ three Google phones this year

HTC will launch at least three Google phones this year.

Taiwan DRAM bailout leads to creation of single company

Taiwan plans to merge its indebted DRAM memory chip makers into a single company called Taiwan Memory Company (TMC) in an...

iPhone users download five apps each, use Web most

Smartphone users download about 5 apps each, even iPhone users.

HTC unveils updated iPhone 3G rival and Touch Pro2

HTC unveiled two stunning new versions in its Touch line of smartphones with touchscreens, the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2.

Google phones to go on sale soon in Australia, Singapore

HTC’s Android-based smartphone, Dream, will go on sale in Australia later this month, and Singapore soon as well.

Intel to revamp China operations, will close Shanghai plant

Intel plans to close a chip factory in Shanghai as part of its plan to revamp China operations.

DRAM prices soar

DRAM prices soared in early trading in Asia as traders returned to work following the Lunar New Year holiday.

MSI to sell MacBook Air-rival with Intel Pentium chips

MSI will sell a version of its MacBook Air rival with powerful Intel Pentium processors.

LG Display wins big LCD contract from Apple

LG Display won a $500 million deal to supply LCD panels to Apple.

Kodak sees dramatic consumer slowdown

Digital camera maker Kodak slashed its 2008 financial guidance saying consumer spending has worsened.

Intel completes work on 32nm chip technology

Intel will start making chips using 32nm technology by the fourth quarter of next year.

Taiwan hopes to avoid US-style bail-out for DRAM industry

Taiwan does not want to inject capital into DRAM makers, the island's president says.

Judge orders Ballmer to testify in 'Vista capable' case

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been ordered to testify in the 'Vista Capable' case.

Mobile group to lead expansion of 3G beyond phones

The GSM Association will lead a group to embed 3G wireless technology in a range of consumer products.

China Mobile to vie with Apple, Google apps stores

China Mobile plans to build an Apps Store, which will compete with Apple's and Google's.