iPhone case roundup: Transparent, reflective, and leather

iPhone cases come in many materials and styles. In this week's case roundup, we look at a transparent shell, a reflective covering, and a leather wallet.

iPod and iPhone case roundup: grab bag

We look at a holder for the original iPhone, a leather sleeve for the iPod classic, and a bag-strap pouch that fits all of Apple’s mobile gadgets.

iPhone cases: Incase Fitted Sleeve and Uniea U-Suit

The new iPhones may be on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the “old” ones. We take a look at two cases, one from Incase, the other from Uniea.

Contour Design iSee Classic

Incase Leather Sleeve

OtterBox iPod Classic Armor

XtremeMac Verona Holster

Fruitshop Bone Classic Cube

XtremeMac Microshield

Saunders RhinoSkin HardCase

iPhone and iPod Case Roundup: exercise edition

In this week's case roundup, Dan Pourhadi looks at a couple cases for taking your iPhone and iPod classic with you when you work out.

iPod case roundup: classic mashup

In this week's iPod case roundup, Dan Pourhadi reviews a mishmash of cases for the iPod classic, from a leather pouch to waterproof protection.