Apparent updates Barcode Producer with ISBN calculator

Barcode Producer, the barcode design utility, has been updated with an ISBN check digitl calculator, trim masks and other enhancements.

Epson announces new “micro-business” scanner

Epson's new "micro-business" scanner is aimed at small businesses and home users.

Workamajig releases updates for iPhone client, better support for Safari

Workamajig, the Web-based CRM software for ad agencies, has improved Safari 4 support and made changes to improve iPhone access in the latest release.

Hitachi debuts LCD projector with network features

Hitachi has introduced a new LCD projector for classrooms and boardrooms with 3,000 lumens brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Apple and Microsoft: tale of two earnings reports

Computerworld's Dan Turner contrasts Apple's recently quarterly earnings announcement with the bleaker news from Microsoft and finds that the results say a lot about how the two companies go about their business.

MacPractice iPhone Interface revamps interface

MacPractice has revamped the interface of its iPhone Interface tool and made other changes in the 2.0 release.

Lexmark accessory turns laser printer into RFID tag printer

Lexmark has introduced an accessory for its T654 laser printer to help print RFID tags for easier inventory tracking.

OfficeTime adds iCal sync, customizable invoices

OfficeTime, the time tracking software, now features iCal synchronization, customizable invoices and other changes.

Ntractive updates Elements, renames it Elements CRM

Elements CRM provides the framework necessary for a company to manage customer relationships using a Mac-friendly system.

iBank Mobile finance app debuts for iPhone

iBank Mobile is the iPhone companion app to iBank for the Mac, however, it also works on its own.

Canon debuts new projector for business, education

Canon has introduced the LV-7275, a new projector aimed at classrooms and boardrooms.

SPSS releases update to PASW statistical analysis package

SPSS has announced the release of PASW Statistics 18, a new version of its statistical analysis software.

Jumsoft expands its range of template for Pages

Jumsoft has released five new Pages template packages as part of its new Expert series, designed for a full range of documents.

What’s Goin Down 2.0 adds new user interface

What's Goin Down 2.0 is a new version of the iPhone TCP server monitoring tool, now with a new user interface and expanded capabilities.

MacProxy enables system-wide proxy support

MacProxy lets you surf anonymously by routing all your Mac's Internet traffic through a Web proxy server, even if individual apps don't support proxies.