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Google: Adobe Flash support coming to Android 2.2

Adobe's Flash platform will get official support on Android phones later this year, when Google releases version 2.2 of its mobile operating system, according to the company's vice president of engineering.

Google dashes hopes of free iPhone turn-by-turn GPS

Google has denied the latest rumors that the search giant will bring free turn-by-turn GPS navigation on the Apple iPhone.

Report: Hulu to offer $10-per-month subscription

Hulu reportedly will introduce a subscription plan as soon as May 24. The $10-per-month fee would let subscribers access to anything older than the last five episodes of popular TV shows.

iPad vs. Kindle: Can Amazon keep its e-book edge?

Amazon could be seriously threatened by Apple when the latter releases its iPad next month, according to research firm Comscore.

BlackBerry users willing to swap for an iPhone

Almost 40 percent of BlackBerry users would switch camps to an Apple iPhone, a recent study into smartphone brand loyalty shows.

Facebook, Twitter ready location-based features

Facebook and Twitter are preparing to flip the switch on features that will allow you to share your location with your friends at any time.

WSJ: Google working on Android-based set-top box

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has teamed up with Dish Network to offer a set-top box based on the Android operating system.

Google introduces Gesture search for Android

Google announced an experimental application for its Android mobile operating system, which allows you to search your phone using written gestures.