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Study: Google Nexus One's first week of sales were weak

Big hype didn't equal big sales for Google's Nexus One, according to market research firm Flurry.

Nexus One loses to iPhone in touchscreen accuracy tests

The Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid, and the iPhone have been put to the test to find out which smartphone has a better touchscreen.

Motorola Backflip: AT&T's first Android phone?

An unusual-looking Google Android phone could be headed to AT&T, according to a blogger.

Will Lala power Web-based iTunes?

According to several report, Apple bought cloud-music service Lala with a plan: to integrate it into an upcoming Web-based version of iTunes.

Reviewers: The Nook needs some work

Initial reviews of Barnes & Noble's e-book reader are in, and a PC World round-up finds that they're lukewarm at best.

The iPhone on T-Mobile: Why not?

When AT&T's exclusive hold on the iPhone ends, maybe it will be T-Mobile and not Verizon that Apple turns to as a second U.S. carrier.

Barnes & Noble delays Nook e-reader by one week

Book retailer Barnes & Noble says it will delay the retail arrival of its Nook e-reader by one week due to high demand issues.