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Facebook rolls out lite version; Mac desktop app appears

Thin is in at Facebook. It introduced an alternate front door for the social network called "Facebook Lite," a slimmed-down version of the site. There's also a new Mac desktop notification app.

Rhapsody lands on the iPhone

Rhapsody for iPhone allows you to access Real Networks' music service.

Does Spotify approval mean Apple is relaxing App Store rules?

Monday appears to mark an important Apple App Store milestone with the introduction of a European digital music service app called Spotify Mobile that competes squarely with iTunes.

Wikipedia color-codes for credibility

In a bid to become a more trustworthy source, Wikipedia will use color codes to indicate the reliability of an article's author.

Will China go gaga over a crippled iPhone?

How big an impact is the iPhone likely to make in China, without Wi-Fi and on the country's second-largest carrier?

Rhapsody music service headed for iPhone

RealNetworks wants to put Rhapsody, its music subscription service, on the iPhone. The application has been submitted to Apple and, if approved, will offer subscribers of Rhapsody's service unlimited music streaming.

Bloggers: Mac OS X Snow Leopard could arrive in two weeks

Bloggers are reporting that OS X 10.6 may arrive before its promised September ship date.

Google billboard ads gun for Microsoft

Google will use billboard advertising in four U.S. cities to promote Google Apps, the company's enterprise productivity suite.

Reports: Nokia says no Android phone in the works

Nokia has denied today reports that the Finnish company is working on a mobile phone running on Google's Android mobile operating system.

Leaked: Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone

Pictures leaked by a Danish site appear to reveal Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone.

iPhone 3GS gets jailbroken, hack available online

The first jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS -- purplera1n -- is now available.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G: too little, too late?

PC World's Daniel Ionescu looks at whether T-Mobile's myTouch 3G, announced Monday, has what it takes to woo the mobile-phone masses.

Coming soon: Adobe Flash on Android, WinMo and WebOS

Adobe is set to introduce Flash Player 10 for most mobile operating systems later this year, except, of course, for the iPhone.

Where and when you can get the iPhone 3G S

Both Apple and AT&T have announced details on where, when, and how to get a iPhone 3G S, when the updated phone launches on June 19.

Profile: Google Chrome for Mac developer release

Google Chrome for the Mac may still only be available as a developer version, but that's not stopping PC World's Daniel Ionescu from taking a closer look.