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T-Mobile G2 to come In July

T-Mobile says the Android-based successor to its G1 phone is slated for an early summer release.

Apple thwarts app piracy ahead of iPhone software release

According to a beta tester of the iPhone 3.0 software, the forthcoming update will no longer let you re-downlad iPhone apps you've already downloaded.

Android gets updated to version 1.5

The long-expected update to the Android operating system, version 1.5, has arrived, with T-Mobile rolling out the new OS to G1 phones next week.

DVD-ripping court case begins: it's RealNetworks vs. Hollywood

The RealNetworks case involving DVD-ripping software goes to court.

YouTube adds movies and shows, goes after Hulu

Google is bringing movies and TV shows to its YouTube video-sharing service, inking deals with Sony, CBS, MGM, and others.

More Zune HD details emerge

More unconfirmed technical specs of Microsoft's planned iPod touch rival have emerged, PC World reports.

Reports: Apple to bulk up iPhone storage

Reports that Apple is ordering large amounts of flash memory have some people speculating that a larger capacity iPhone is in the works.

T-Mobile to use Google Android OS for home devices

T-Mobile is set to launch two new devices -- a home phone and tablet computer -- running on the Google Android platform early next year.

Analyst ponders multiple versions of next-gen iPhones

Analysts have already begun speculating on what features the next iPhone might have. Are their predictions likely to come true?

Facebook caves to user gripes over redesign

Facebook says it will tweak its homepage in the coming weeks in direct response to user uproar over recent designs changes.

Brits want Google Street view shut down

Privacy watchdogs in the United Kingdom want to close down Google Street View, only days after the service was launched in Great Britain.

Digg founder offers peek at iPhone 3.0 copy-and-paste

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com, speculates on how an iPhone copy-and-paste feature might work.

BlackBerry app store sets recession-defying prices

In contrast to the iPhone App Store, where 99 cent apps dominate the offerings, Research In Motion’s application store for BlackBerry devices will have a minimum price of $2.99 for paid apps.

What does Kindle really do for iPhone?

As good as an iPhone version of Kindle sounds, PC World’s Daniel Ionescu notes that there are a few shortcomings to the app as well.

Rewriting Facebook’s terms of service

Dniel Ionescu of PC World looks at what Facebook’s new terms of service are all about.