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Final Hours of Portal 2 app chronicles game's development

Game journalist Geoff Keighley gives players deep access into the development of the most highly anticipated puzzle adventure games in gaming history.

NBA Jam goes HD for the iPad

The popular two-on-two basketball game comes to the iPad in high definition.

Microsoft releases Photosynth panorama app for iOS

A new iOS photo app from Microsoft makes taking 360-degree panoramas easy as pie.

Logitech Alert lets you view your security cameras via iPad

A new app from Logitech gives users access and even control of their security cameras from their iPad.

Vulkano Flow placeshifts video to computers, mobile devices

Monsoon Media announced an addition to its Vulkano service that lets users watch television on their iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Flock Web browser to be discontinued at end of April

The developers behind the social-networking-focused Web browser Flock announced that they will discontinue the software as of April 26.

MPAA takes Zediva video streaming service to court

The Motion Picture Association of America filed a federal lawsuit against the parent company of the streaming movie service.

Facebook's app adds mapping and 'unfriending' functions

The latest update to Facebook's official app allows you to check event invites, map places, and unfriend your former friends.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 tees off for iOS

EA's long running pro-golf series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, sees its first appearance on iOS.

SmartNotes adds iPad support, note syncing

The latest version of SmartNotes adds support for the iPad and the ability to sync notes between devices.

Cortado Workplace iOS app now offers local encryption

Cortado Workplace is the first app on the App Store to provide protected encryption for the iPhone and iPad.

Wall Street Journal offering single issue downloads for the iPad

Readers of the Wall Street Journal can pay for a single issue for their iPad instead of buying a subscription.

Soonr cloud storage app adds iPad support

Cloud storage service Soonr has updated its iOS app with support for the iPad.

Frenzy turns Dropbox into a social-networking tool

Frenzy uses the file-sharing capabilities of Dropbox to provide a social networking interface.

Pixelate 2.0 includes new effects, panning and zooming

The newest version of the color viewing app allows for zooming and an improved algorithm for viewing your walls and furniture in different colors.