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Dave Johnson is a writer and photographer who has covered technology for magazines such as PCWorld and Wired. He is currently the Editorial Director for eHow.com's Tech channel. Dave is the author of How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, and over a dozen other books.

Turn a photo mistake into a great shot

How to salvage badly lit, exposed, or composed photos and make them frame-worthy keepers.

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Make panoramas the easy way

Photographic panoramas are now easy to make with a bit of camera or software help.

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How to perfect your photo’s colors by adjusting white balance

Setting your camera's white balance properly will fix all the other colors in the scene as well.

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How to shoot great fireworks photos with any camera

Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to capture dramatic and vivid fireworks in a photo.

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Total sharpness: Hyperfocal photography

Follow these tips to put everything into focus.

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Getting the best bokeh in your background

Learn how to shoot a photo with shallow depth of field so that the subject is sharp and the background is out of focus.

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Essential photo composition tips and tricks

Photographic composition can spell the difference between an inspired image and one that is dull and flat.

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How to photograph the moon

We've collected some basic, all-around tips for getting the best shots of the moon.

How to capture a sense of speed with panning

Panning is a technique that lets you capture the essence of motion in a photo. By shooting with a somewhat slow shutter speed and tracking the action as you take the picture, you blur the background while freezing the subject. Here's how to do it.

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Protect your camera with rain covers

Get a waterproof cover to protect your camera from spring showers.

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How to work through the Camera Raw dilemma

Should you shoot compressed or uncompressed photos? Here's how to decide which format is best for your image.

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How to shoot macros of flowers and bugs

Everything you need to know about getting some really nice close-up photos with almost any camera.

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How to minimize noise in digital photos

Though the days of grainy photos are far behind us, digital photos have a similar problem, called digital noise. Here's how to get rid of it.

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Shoot now, focus later: Change the focus after you take a photo

The new Lytro camera has introduced not only new technology but the urge to alter focus after the fact. Here's how to do this on your own camera without a Lytro.

What are your rights as a photographer?

Where and when do you have a right to take pictures? Mostly anywhere, most of the time. Here are some pointers.

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