A look at upcoming EA iPhone & iPad games

The next wave of mobile games that you'll be addicted to were revealed to GamePro this week.

East versus west: Different approaches to iPhone games

From creation to release to product updates, American and Japanese companies have shown stark differences in iPhone game development methodology. GamePro's Dave Rudden outlines the differences between the two territories.

Rage for iPhone announced at QuakeCon

At the keynote speech at the annual celebration of all things id Software, company co-founder John Carmack revealed that id will be putting its upcoming shooter, Rage, on the iPhone.

iOS 4 section added to App Store to showcase optimized games

Apple has created a section of its App Store to tout apps -- including games -- that have been optimized for iOS 4.

Square Enix's first iPad apps include 3D image gallery, game

Square Enix has released its first two apps designed specifically for Apple's iPad. One is a photo gallery of Final Fantasy XIII images that can be viewed in 3D...

Pac-Man puzzle game heading for iPhone

With multiple versions of Pac-Man already available on the iPhone and iPad, Namco Networks will roll out another release featuring the iconic arcade game figure -- this time in the puzzle genre.

Sonic 4 confirmed for iPhone, delayed past summer

Sonic 4 may be delayed until late 2010, but the game will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch when it arrives.

Capcom makes OpenFeint its online iPhone gaming partner

OpenFeint will provide worldwide leaderboards and achievements for Capcom's two most recent releases: Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings.