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Dave Wiskus is the cohost of the Unprofessional podcast. He's also a musician and designer with an adorable puppy.


WWDC 2014: The developers take the stage

A funny thing happened at the WWDC keynote: Developers became the real stars of the show.

jony ive

Where Apple design is headed in 2014

2013 saw Jony Ive come into his own as designer of Apple software, with the release of iOS 7. Here's what that could mean for the future of both iOS and OS X.

The secret of Apple's design success: the humane interface

Apple's design philosophy boils down to reducing complexity. And the goal isn't enforcing simplicity for simplicity's sake.

Apple and the future of design

With Apple's recent announcement that Jony Ive will take over design across the board, what should we expect Apple's software to look like going forward?