Ownership is the way to go with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

Adobe Creative Suite expert David Blatner explains why he thinks it's better to own rather than subscribe to Creative Suite 5.5.

Solve InDesign type trouble

Thanks to its elegantly designed text controls, Adobe InDesign (CS and CS2) offers endless possibilities for perfecting your type. But not all of its features are obvious. Here are answers to some common type questions.

Photoshop Top Tips

Adobe Photoshop is wildly popular, extremely powerful—and, a lot of times, frustratingly complex. Even if you use the image-editing app every day, you still might be stumped by its many capabilities. Never fear—our Photoshop experts are here with tips to sharpen your skills and introduce you to aspects of the application you may not have ever encountered.

Word Productivity

Get maximum productivity from Word with Regular Expressions.

Make Workflow Flow

Writing on the backs of photographs with a soft pencil used to be an everyday practice in the graphic arts. How else would the page designer know what caption to give a photograph? Sharing information about pictures and documents is essential for a successful publishing workflow—but where’s the soft pencil in an all-digital world? It’s called metadata, and it’s a tool that you’ll soon find hard to do without.