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David Haskin is editor of Computerworld's online Mobile/Wireless channel. Intimately involved with technology since the early 1980s, he has been a technology journalist for many key print and Web publications for the last 16 years, specializing in wireless and mobile computing. Global Mobile

Broadband in rural America: I'm not holding my breath

David Haskin loves country living, but hates bad Internet access. Will the federal stimulus package help his plight? He's not betting on it.

The iPhone trickles into the enterprise

With the iPhone approach its year anniversary, Computerworld looks ahead to efforts to push the mobile device into enterprise markets.

Six ways the Starbucks-AT&T deal will change mobility

Computerworld's David Haskin looks at six changes that have been created—or at least clarified—by Starbucks’ decision to use AT&T to provide in-store Wi-Fi access and what those changes will mean for users.

Portrait of a Linux iPhone-killer wannabe

A new Linux-based smartphone offers some iPhone-like features and a low price. But are carriers interested?

Dumping Microsoft Office for an alternative suite

Interested in dumping Microsoft Office but don't know where to find a replacement? Here's a roundup of some possible contenders, ranging from software from Apple to software that's available for free.

Computerworld: Three iPhone alternatives

Computerworld offers a sampler of three mobile phones that enjoy at least some competitive advantages over the iPhone.

FAQ: 802.11n wireless networking

The faster 802.11n wireless networking spec is still causing confusion for some users; David Haskin has come to the rescue with a FAQ to explain the details.

Will DRM-free music change music subscription model?

Apple's deal with EMI to sell DRM-free music could change the way that subscription-based music services work -- and with them, Apple's dominance of the legal digital music download market.

iPhone will test loyalty of cellular customers

The fierce loyalty Apple users have towards their Macs and iPods may change the cell phone market, as the iPhone is readied to enter the market this June.

Analysis: SanDisk's Sansa surpasses iPod, Zune

Computerworld's David Haskin looks at the new Wi-Fin enabled music player from SanDisk and thinks that it may well change what people expect from portable media players.

Don't believe the hype: The 21 biggest IT flops

Computerworld lists some of the biggest IT flops in history, and Apple's been named a few times.

Opinion: How Microsoft can make the Zune a success

Five months after its introduction, industry experts give Microsoft's media player barely passing grades in terms of marketplace success. Here are five things Microsoft could do to change that.

Analysis: Will Apple TV be bigger than iPhone?

Apple TV has the potential to be big for the company, outdoing Microsoft's Windows Media Center.

Analyst: Time is right for Palm sale

At least one industry analysts thinks handheld maker Palm should put itself up for sale, with Apple included among the list of potential suitors.

Samsung unveils its iPhone killer

Samsung is releasing a new media-centric phone designed to be an "iPhone killer."