Flash Professional CS5

Just about anyone who wants to produce applications and objects using Flash will need Flash Professional CS5. Some designers will find that the new version of Flash Professional meets their entire spectrum of needs. Others will integrate some unique features into a larger, more differentiated workflow. Here's our complete review.

Flash Builder 4

Flash Builder, a new member of the Creative Suite family, is a tool for building complex and powerful applications for both Web and stand-alone platforms. It meshes smoothly with interface prototypes created by designers in Flash Catalyst CS5. Here's our complete review.

Flash Catalyst CS5

Adobe has introduced Flash Catalyst to the Creative Suite. Here's our review.

EazyDraw 3.0

EazyDraw 3.0 gives non-professionals a painless way to create illustrations, logos, floor plans, technical diagrams, flowcharts, maps, and Web graphics that can be copied and pasted into other applications.

Review: Flash CS4 Professional

Graphic designers and illustrators will find in Flash CS4 Professional the environment and interface they have longed for—one that provides access to complex animation generation without recourse to defining keyframes and writing ActionScript.

TurboSketch Studio

Before purchasing a photorealistic plug-in like TurboSketch Studio, play with SketchUp to see if the basic rendering options that come with the program are sufficient for your needs. If you require more high-powered lighting and surface effects to use in presentations, TurboSketch provides them ably—but slowly.

SketchUp Pro 6

If you’re interested in using Google’s SketchUp as a 3-D modeler, start with the free version. If you get comfortable with the program’s 3-D drawing environment, and you need to export your models to formats not supported by the free version, then consider the Pro version.

Lineform 1.3

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, affordable vector drawing package that can create EPS and PDF files, it’s hard to imagine a better deal than Lineform 1.3.

Flash CS3 Professional

Flash CS3 Professional includes dramatic new features for designers, particularly its integration with Illustrator CS3. The ability to import (or paste) Illustrator vector graphics into Flash is a major event in the evolution of animation design, and the ability to import Illustrator graphic symbols has the potential to radically improve animation workflow.

Flash Professional 8

Flash Professional 8 constitutes a leap in the evolutionary chain for Macromedia’s Web video and animation authoring program; it provides significant enhancements in scripting, graphical effects, Web-video display, and development of media destined for mobile devices.

FlashPaper 2

FlashPaper 2, part of the Macromedia Studio 8’s version of Contribute 3, allows you to effortlessly convert Microsoft Office documents to Flash (SWF) files.

Macromedia Studio 8

For several years, since the launch of its MX suite, Macromedia has tried to make its Web creation tools—Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Contribute—more interoperable and suite-like, and the result is now tighter integration between the programs in Studio 8 than ever before.