Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 adds mobile tools but neglects core Web technologies

Dreamweaver CS6 is a powerful Web builder with great code-editing, CSS, and site management capabilities. It introduces significant additions for CSS3 properties and building mobile-friendly websites, but is slipping behind in certain core technologies Web designers depend on.

Dreamweaver CS5

Dreamweaver CS5 is an excellent Web page building and Website management tool that handles all the major site building tasks, from creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to managing files and links, and uploading completed pages to the Web. Check out our review.

Review: Dreamweaver CS4

Dreamweaver CS4 solidly addresses the technologies that Web design professionals use and is a significant upgrade that offers a new set of tools for those who spend a lot of time with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you find yourself building more and more Web sites that rely on JavaScript and complex CSS, this upgrade is a must.

First Look: Dreamweaver CS4 beta

The Dreamweaver CS4 beta released by Adobe this week offers a complete overhaul of the user interface while adding many new features aimed at people who make their living as Web developers. David Sawyer McFarland takes a closer look at the changes.

Dreamweaver CS3

With its combination of accurate visual design, excellent CSS tools, and strong site-management features, Dreamweaver continues to be the premier Web-design program. If you’re using an Intel Mac, Dreamweaver CS3 is quite a worthy upgrade.

First Look: Creative Suite preview: Dreamweaver CS3

Dreamweaver CS3 offers new features in three key areas: integration with other Adobe products; new features for creating, managing, and fixing Cascading Style Sheets; and a new set of JavaScript-driven tools for building pop-up navigation menus, advanced form validation, and displaying data in an interactive table. David Sawyer McFarland has the details.

Get your Web site noticed

Whether you’re an expert on Pez dispensers or a budding entrepreneur, programs make it easy to create Web sites that communicate your passion. Of course, getting those Web sites noticed is another matter entirely. Luckily, there are a few free and easy ways to lead the masses to your front door.

Design for any browser

Designing Web sites that look good in every browser can be heartbreaking work. Your carefully crafted site may look great in Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, and then become a jumbled mess in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. But how do you test pages in a browser that doesn’t run in OS X?

CSS tricks for custom bullets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) give Web developers precise control over a page’s typography and layout. One secret weapon of CSS-based designs is the background property, which adds images and color to the background of any element on a Web page.

The Web pro’s tool kit

The open-source revolution has produced plenty of powerful programs for the Mac. The Web is bursting with Mac resources that can help anyone who runs a Web site. Here are a few of the best.

Macromedia Studio 8

For several years, since the launch of its MX suite, Macromedia has tried to make its Web creation tools—Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Contribute—more interoperable and suite-like, and the result is now tighter integration between the programs in Studio 8 than ever before.

Dreamweaver 8

If Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia proceeds as planned, Dreamweaver 8 is the last version of the program to be produced under the Macromedia banner. It is also the best version to date.

Spinning a Better Web

In the pages that follow are tips for using the latest versions of Safari and Firefox, advice on picking the Mac-compatible blogging tool that’s right for you, and a guide to the best low-cost and free Web-building tools out there. Add all that to this issue’s review of the latest browsers, and it’s everything you need to know about the Web today.

PHP Studio 1.1

While it’s nice to see a dedicated PHP editor for the Mac, PHP Studio feels rough around the edges, lacks useful text-editing features, and is marred by bugs and performance problems when working with large and complex PHP files.

First Look: Dreamweaver 8 offers refinements, forward-looking tools

The latest version of Macromedia's visual Web-page authoring program continues to push the envelope of Web development. In this first look at the update included in Macromedia Studio 8, David Sawyer McFarland examines the new features in Dreamweaver 8, including workflow improvements, expanded CSS support, and snappier file transfers.