RooSwitch: Application-based user switching

Instead of logging in and out of different user accounts on your Mac, rooSwitch lets you switch users for only one app at a time by switching what rooSwitch calls Profiles.

ManyCam lets your iSight work with multiple applications at once

Typically, while using your Mac’s iSight camera with one program, you can’t use it with another. But ManyCam frees iSight from this restriction.

Letter Opener reveals the secrets of winmail.dat files

If you regularly receive winmail.dat files from business associates, Letter Opener is well worth the investment.

Relaunch creates launchable application sets

If you juggle work all day and find yourself switching from one set of apps to another, you can appreciate Relaunch.

GlimmerBlocker blocks Web ads

GlimmerBlocker is an ad blocker that is safe to install because it doesn’t hack Safari.

SiteGrinder 2 Pro

Graphic artists and designers who are comfortable with mocking up Web sites in Photoshop will love SiteGrinder 2 Pro. This Photoshop plug-in works extremely well at converting layered Photoshop designs into highly functional and respectably coded Web sites.

Review: iWeb ’09

iWeb ’09 is an excellent program for anyone wanting a personal Web site to share stories, photos, home movies, videos, podcasts, and blogs. Its improved uploading capabilities, easy-to-use widgets, and more straightforward interface will be worth the price of the upgrade.

Review: Freeway 5 Pro

Freeway 5 Pro (version 5.2) is a good choice for professional designers who do not want to learn HTML and CSS. It will help you build unique sites that are not designed from templates and that meet required accessibility standards. For current users, the iPhone update is just one of a host of high-profile improvements.

First look: GoLive CS2

Building on GoLive’s designer-friendly interface and the Site Window-based site management, GoLive CS2 moves fully into the age of Cascading Style Sheets and mobile devices.