Retrospect's long and twisted road

Launched in 1989, it was once the most successful backup app for the Mac. Then it it was passed from one corporate owner to another in a series of mergers and acquisitions. Through it all, Retrospect managed to survive. Here's how.

Growl shows that open source and the Mac App Store mix

The new 1.3 update to the Growl notification system not only brings new features, it also makes a surprising jump -- to the Mac App Store.

Minutes 1.0.2

Minutes is a timer application. Each timer is its own window, with the time remaining for the timer and the time it will go off.

KeyRemap4MacBook 7.3.0

KeyRemap4MacBook implies that it only remaps keys for MacBooks, but the truth is that it remaps keys for all Macs. Contained in a rough, spartan interface is a wealth of key remapping power.

Weblock 1.8.1

Weblock unlocks your ability to restrict access to files shared on Mac OS X's built-in Apache server. This allows you to put an authentication dialog on any directory being shared through your Web server or filter based on IP address.

Undock 1.0.3

Undock helps laptop users get going faster by automatically unmounting drives all at once. No longer will you have to manually eject every removable drive in order to pack up and go.

OpenMenu X 2.05

OpenMenu X is a menu-based launching solution. You can fill it with a hierarchy of things you want to launch, including applications, AppleScripts, documents, Services, and URLs.

Wraparound 1.3.2

Wraparound is a small software utility that allows your Mac's cursor to wraparound the edges of your display. For example, if your cursor reaches the right edge of your display and you keep going, it will reappear on the left side.

The mystery of spontaneously installed Growl

Growl is known to many a Mac user, but its sudden and surprising appearance in some Macs has caused a stir.

Toshl for iPhone

This mobile expense manager shows some promise. But it needs some bug fixes and has a few noticeable omissions from its feature set.

Tacts for iPhone

This app looks to improve upon what you get with the built-in Contacts app, with better support for groups. And while it delivers on that promise, some features in Tacts are lacking.

GrabBox 1.1.2

If you're looking to share screenshots, and you have a Dropbox account, GrabBox is a feature-filled, free solution.

CloudApp 1.0.2

Share files on the Internet with CloudApp.

LastPass 1.68.4

LastPass syncs browser passwords across platforms.