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Photo gallery: Bound for Baja

Derrick Story shares his first round of photos from the MacMania cruise.

First Look: Adobe Lightroom beta

After sitting down with the beta of the new Lightroom application from Adobe, Derrick Story tells you what to expect when you download the workflow management tool for photographers.

Extend your dynamic range

High-contrast scenes can be the bane of a photographer’s existence. Solving the problem used to require special equipment or extensive image editing. But Adobe Photoshop CS2 now makes the process easier.

Easy solutions for difficult shots

Thanks to their intelligent automatic modes, today’s digital cameras do a great job of capturing pictures—most of the time. But there are some situations that can befuddle even the best camera.

See your true colors

How many times have you slaved over a photo until it looked great on screen, only to have it look much different when printed? If you've encountered this disappointment, it's time to think about calibrating your monitor.

The big picture

Working with your photos doesn’t have to be a chore. From polishing your pictures, to choosing the right printing service, to backing up your images, we’ve got simple solutions to the most-common postproduction tasks. So you can enjoy your favorite vacation moments for years to come.

Prepare your photos

Apple’s iPhoto 5 is anything but another ho-hum digital shoebox. You can use it to create an efficient workflow for managing all your pictures. Understanding and using iPhoto’s organizational tools will help you get the most out of the program’s creative side. We’ll show you how to enhance your photos, as well as how to use iPhoto to sort them so they’re ready when you need them for any type of output.

Great portraits made easy

To take a good portrait, you need to understand lighting. Good lighting can accentuate a subject’s best features while minimizing flaws. Bad lighting will do just the opposite. Find out how you harness the power of lighting.

How to build a reflector rig for cheap

Reflectors are a portrait photographer’s best friend, but they aren’t cheap. Here’s how you can accomplish the same task for much less money by building your own rig.

Recover Lost Photographs


Camera Guide Extras

Derrick Story looks at printing your photos, offers some last-minute shopping tips and discusses the merits of JPEG versus RAW.

Camera Tips

Three tips on accessories and features will help you find the right camera for you.

Picture Your Perfect Camera

Digital cameras may have become more powerful, but shopping for one that fits your needs has only gotten more frustrating. What type of camera should you look for? How many megapixels do you need? What features are must-haves? Derrick Story has the answer to these questions and more in our digital-camera shopping guide.

Digital Camera Shopping Guide Checklist

What to Look for When You’re Looking to Buy