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Derrick is author of iPad for Digital Photographers (Wiley & Sons) and is the voice of weekly photography podcasts at

Review: Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera

The new 60D DSLR is nice addition to the Canon line-up, and it's tailored to photographers who are interested in shooting video on their camera.

iPhoto '11

iPhoto ‘11 reflects Apple’s desire to integrate iOS innovations into Mac OS X applications and refine the user experience. The new features are more polishing rather than breakthroughs.

Scan images wirelessly with Preview

Cut the cords and set up your Mac and all-in-one scanner so you can scan documents and images over a Wi-Fi connection.

Discover Preview's hidden image editing powers

With Preview, you can adjust an image’s tonality, color, and even select objects within the shot to copy and add to other photographs. Take a quick photographer’s tour of this handy imaging application.

Six essential iPhoto editing tricks

If you edit your images in iPhoto, these easy-to-learn tricks can save you time and improve your final results.

Control your online albums with iPhoto

iPhoto ‘09 can extend its organizational powers well beyond your desktop into the realm of online albums. From within iPhoto, you can manage your Flickr and Facebook albums with ease.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Canon has added incremental refinements to its latest Rebel, the T2i, and they add up to improved image quality and movie recording that is a notable step forward.

Samsung's NX10 interchangeable-lens camera

The Samsung NX10 camera is a solid camera to hold and shoot that is best suited for casual photographers looking for lens interchangeability in a slightly smaller package than a typical DSLR.

Sony Alpha NEX-5

The Sony NEX-5 is an excellent camera for hobbyist photographers upgrading from compacts who want to increase capability but not bulk.