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Five Adobe CS4 goodies for photographers

Derrick Story recommends his favorite Adobe Creative Suite tools for organizing, refining, and enjoying your photos.

Extreme vacation photography

Want to add some pizazz to those vacation snapshots? Derrick Story explains how to take your digital camera underwater or up into the sky and get photographs that'll wow the folks back home.

Take advantage of face detection

We love photographing people. But our cameras aren’t always cooperative. They focus on the bricks in the background instead of on handsome Uncle Ted, or they set off a blinding flash that washes out playful party pictures.

Great Flickr add-ons

If you think you’ve seen all Flickr can do, you may be in for a surprise. An abundance of Flickr add-ons and related Web sites make the photo-sharing experience faster, nimbler, and more fun.

Steady your shot

Even if you think you have rock-steady hands, it’s easy to end up with blurry photos—particularly in low-light indoor environments where you don’t want to use a flash.

Find photos fast

When you first started building your iPhoto library, you could quickly scroll through your photos to find what you were looking for. But if you’ve been taking photos for a couple of years, your library may now contain hundreds or even thousands of photos. That’s a lot of scrolling.

Eliminate color casts

Accurate exposure, faithful color, and sharp focus are the technical cornerstones of good photography. Of the three, color is the most often overlooked. The key is understanding your camera’s white-balance settings.

Create stunning slide shows

As the year winds down, why not gather your favorite photos for a retrospective slide show of the year’s most momentous events. iPhoto ‘06 lets you add music, transitions, movement, and more to your slide shows. And when burned to DVDs, they make great gifts for distant loved ones.

Take command of keywords

Want to find every close-up taken of your children during summer vacation? When put to good use, iPhoto 6’s keywords feature makes complex searches like this easy. Keywords are descriptive words that you can use to label and categorize your photos, regardless of which album they’re in. More important, keywords are searchable.

Camera phone tips

You’re probably not going to make high-quality 8-by-10-inch prints from your phone’s snapshots. But these devices can do amazing things—if you know how to make the most of them.

Another way to share photos

iWeb’s Photos page makes it easy to share slide shows of your favorite snapshots with others. But what if you’d like to share the actual files—giving friends and family the power to print your photos? If you have a .Mac account and iPhoto 6, you can do all of this by setting up a photocast.

Tools for turning back time

If your prints have been sitting in a drawer or a shoebox for the last decade, they're probably looking a little worse for wear. But with the help of an image editor and some third-party software, you can do a lot to restore some of your photos' original beauty.

New life for old photos

For decades, you faithfully recorded your most precious moments on film, picked a few snapshots from the bunch for photo albums, and then carefully stored the rest. By scanning old photos and film into your Mac now, you'll be able to stop the aging process and preserve irreplaceable photos. With the help of image-editing software, you may even be able to reverse some of the worst damage.

Take control of the flash

To capture good photos, you need good lighting. In many cases, this means relying on your camera’s flash controls. When used correctly, your camera’s onboard flash can perform some magic.

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