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Discovering the Dashboard

Alternate desktop offers access to mini-apps

Hit the road, Mac

Whether you travel all the time or only occasionally, and whether you travel for business, pleasure, or both, chances are you bring a little tech with you. But if you ask 20 different Mac users what they take on the road, you’ll get at least 21 different answers. Our experts weigh in on the essentials for a mobile Mac.

Browse Better

Thanks to a diverse selection of Safari plug-ins, you can dramatically enhance the functionality of Apple’s browser. Dori Smith walks you through everything from opening PDFs right in Safari to altering the Google search box to use other search engines.

Safari’s Hidden Powers

There are plenty of ways to extend Safari’s power through plug-ins and bookmarklets. But the Web browser has plenty of built-in capabilities you’re probably not using.

Software Bargains: Work the Web

From FTP clients to bookmark managers, from pop-up blockers to Web-site design apps, there are a lot of Mac-compatible Web programs from which to choose. But which ones do the best job for the lowest price? We’ve found a dozen inexpensive Web tools that should appeal to any cost-conscious Mac user.