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Microsoft's YouTube rival arrives in public beta

Microsoft's competitor to YouTube, MSN Soapbox, is now available in a public beta.

Windows Mobile 6 taps new Exchange features

Windows Mobile 6, which Microsoft will unveil at 3GSM, taps e-mail features in Exchange Server 2007.

Gates: Vista key to multimedia computing era

Like Windows 95, Windows Vista will usher in a new era of computing, Bill Gates said at a New York launch Monday.

Microsoft net income falls by 28 percent in Q2

Microsoft Q2 revenue is up 6 percent year over year despite a revenue deferral of $1.64 billion because of Office and Vista coupons.

CES: Gates expands Microsoft's digital home plan

Bill Gates kicked off CES Sunday by unveiling new products Microsoft hopes will encourage more widespread adoption of the digital home.

CES: Spotlight on current trends, not tech breakthroughs

The CES show this year will feature technologies that support continuing trends, not ones that break new ground.

Analysis: After one month, no rush to adopt Vista

After a month on the market, Windows Vista isn't ready to replace Windows XP yet, enterprise users say.

Microsoft: 1 million Zune sales by June 2007

Microsoft is conservatively predicting it will sell 1 million Zune devices by June 2007.

Analysts: iPod has nothing to fear from Zune

Slow starting Zune appears to be no threat to iPod this holiday season, analysts said.

Microsoft to link Zune device to Xbox, PCs

Microsoft plans to extend the wireless capability of its new Zune devices to PCs and the company's Xbox 360 game console.

Microsoft's Zune player to hit stores Tuesday

Microsoft's Zune will hit retail shelves as expected on Tuesday, but analysts don't see users abandoning their iPods for it.

Forrester: Consumers won't rush to Vista

A Forrester report suggests that consumers, like business customers, will not be rushing to upgrade to Windows Vista.

Microsoft database leader to step down

Paul Flessner, who helped Microsoft develop a competitive enterprise database, is stepping down at the end of the year.

Microsoft delivers final test version of Vista

Microsoft released the final test version of Vista before it goes to manufacturers.

Best Buy to launch Apple iTunes competitor

Best Buy has teamed with SanDisk and RealNetworks to launch a competitor to iTunes.